4 ; 2015 during the Spring Festival to establish the flock

4 ; 2015 during the Spring Festival to establish the flock, I am sure there is a good idea to do charity, but it is quite vague. A reader later found out the source of my mother’s article: a mother who lived in Guangzhou read a newspaper and wrote a Mechanical Mod and RDA child’s mother and a newborn baby living under a bridge in Guangzhou. Once the mother of a department of gynaecology is very sad, give birth to a day to visit the bridge of the mother and the child’s ideas, and put into action. She brought the mother and the child to the necessities, but also to buy things with the past. To know the mother is more
than seventy years old at that time, living mostly rely on child support, not only rich and in my eyes, her old man’s house itself should is the object of How did she go to charity? ; I think, it is the mother’s not good for small and not for the compassion of the heart, triggering my sheep in the case of their own are not standing, the beginning of larg
escale charitable action. We may be weak, but there is a need for us to lend a helping hand. ; p 3 months later, more than 30 cities nationwide herd group of friends suddenly attack on all fronts, to the
housing without windows countryside, to quietly in Disposable e cigarette the deaf school, to the need for popularity and care of the orphanages and homes for the elderly, to
the 90 year old
veteran of the war, to widowers, widows, orphans, childless home. Send milk powder, send daily activities, send school supplies, cleaning, with the elderly and children exchange ingratiate themselves Hot E Cig kits with friends, send warm send love. An unprecedented charity model emerged, and, which is the Internet since the maximum size of the network users spontaneously organized charity activities. ; if I tell you, this field by the country in more than 30 regions hundreds of users directly to participate tens of thousands of flock group of friends of the indirect participation, directly benefit the people as many as ten thousand people, we have the total investment of forty thousand yuan. No one believes. A friend in the national level big charity organizations, said, if they do this scale and effect, at least have to spend E-CIGARETTE CHINA millions E-CIG CHINA of very first million charitable charity fund. ; this is the flock of the charity event model. The earliest we in the herd group Friends of the internal fundraising to raise who do not have the opportunity to participate in public welfare activities of the group of friends of 100, 200, to those who have more time for group of friends to do charity, so we have so far the first donation: five thousand yuan RMB. Plus I ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA sell teapot, and sheep micro shop selling small goods received several million yuan of profits, become herd the material basis for largescale charitable activities. ; 5 ; flock the biggest characteristic of charity benefit