20:46 20150831 by the end of the school girls who are on the road

20:46 20150831 by the end of the school girls who are on the road? p wandering in the Beijing Guangzhou railway line homeless woman, unexpectedly is home, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, mysteriously disappeared 10 years, family struggling to find the beautiful young girl. The police received information arrived, family hold together, cried and laughed. August 30th Chutian Metropolis Daily p this is a let people bittersweet news: with the help of Wuhan Railway Police missing ten years younger sister able to return to the embrace of their loved ones, can be described as like; but ten years wandering Road, the once a Venus, beautiful and lively girl, torn into unkempt and shabby, unconscious of the middleaged female beggar, and really make people sad unceasingly. Fortunately, the nightmare has gone, I only hope that the both unfortunate and fortunate sister, in the comfort of their loved ones as soon as possible to return to a normal life. p however, in the face of a young sister family joys and sorrows, we in addition to sigh or blessing outside, it seems that it should also reflect on what? For example, the nightmare of ten years, her experience in the end what? What is t
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Wine Red Whitehe reason for her lonely wandering? Again, such a long ten years, there is no what relief agencies found her? Help her? Or to help her find a loved one? I do not know due to intoxication, or hurt too deep because of past experience, my sister always silent. As the public nature, should not go off. But as the public security department, it should not stop there. Family reunion is
http://www.beijingsg.com/news/html/?108332.html certainly gratifying; but the antecedents and consequences of chaming sister tenyear nightmare, seem to have a more important significance: if only simple emotional setback, sister disheartened and wandering, nature can be closed. But not so? If the initiator of evil is a liar or ladykiller, should be arrested. At the same time, as a homeless vulnerable women, there is no other human encounter, should be clarified. amp; the beginnings and ends of the case, both bring criminals to justice, no harm to others, and to take this warning to society, similar to the no repeat of the tragedy. Of course, this is to be the sister was gradually restored, wait for the police with their loved ones make unremitting efforts. Wuhan railway police successfully rescued the occupation quality and efficiency in the process of revealing little sister, also let I have mixed feelings: first, the police found her along the railway. Facing the unkempt, ragged, and glassy eyed little sister, they have rejected, no apparent and, no simple transfer relief stations of trouble, but in the back, after their wellbeing, a help in the end; second, in the face of confusion, unclear words little sister, they only used 2 hours, which asked the name, immediately through the system query matching, locking her basic data, the second day success let the family reunion. Can say, no Wuhan railway police that responsible for the end of love, not the people praise the professionalism and efficiency, will never have a story behind his sister and family reunion. I think, ten years, the young girl, very hard, very long. In the long night, she obviously got a lot of help, not.

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