20:36 20150830 old error of the system data so that people can not hurt p in Gongyi City

20:36 20150830 old error of the system data so that people can Hot E Cig kits not hurt p in Gongyi City, Henan Province, Ms. song married to the Zhengzhou City met a big problem: handled Zhunsheng Zheng is street office told family planning system that she married, first to the home to family planning in order to apply for the change of marital status. But this was the Gongyi Family Planning Commission to refute: internal system error and personal, Zhengzhou family planning departments should be based on the
marriage certificate without conditions for the song to do a quasi birth certificate. In the course of contacts, both parties to fight not stop mouth. Henan business daily p normally said family planning system data national network is a good thing: a click of the mouse, all data at a glance, is beneficial to management and the convenience of the masses. But there’s a catch: once the data distortion, the parties may have broken. The obviously married expectant Ms. song, face of total system data inexplicable display state to with two extorted battle mouth, between the permanent
residence and E-CIG CHINA domicile to the shuttle run. So that in the birth certificate is not easy to do after the completion of my greatest feelings, only one word: tired. p originally Ms. song di
d not need so tired: she holds the legal Mechanical Mod and RDA recognition of a marriage certificate and domicile extorted issued the first marriage and education has proved that can completely in the resident extorted easily handled Zhunsheng Zheng. But the fact is just the opposite: Although the system data show that the parties to the marriage status, both from the marriage certificate or divorce certificate and
other legal documents. But in the eyes of the local extorted some staff, a paper marriage certificate is enemy but the authority of the system data, even if the wrong it is clear, however. As a result, it appears that the advanced computer system, often because of repeated mistakes, sometimes become a burden to work. p in fact, behind a computer error, some local departments E-CIGARETTE CHINA in addition to longstanding ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of lazy politics: for example, the domicile extorted, Ms. song change in marital status, system data why not update? If the declaration of the birth certificate, state is still continuing? After the discovery of the problem, there is enough time to Dazui Zhang, why would have no time to correct the data? The
resident family planning, is a system failure marked word? Or a piece of paper, a red wedding certificate authority? The system information is only for reference, ignoring the existence of legal certificates, is just too mechanical? Or lack of legal awareness? Long term or ignoring the interests of the people and the breeding of lazy politics longstanding? p can contrast lazy politics longstanding, some departments in the face of system data error actions: planning system is data error, the natural by regional health department is responsible for correction. Moreover, the national network has provided great convenience for Disposable e cigarette the communication between the regions. But the reality is not so: it was a text message, a message, an email, or a phone can easily get the thing, but not to the parties to travel between the regions, in person. So, what are the socalled office network and the previous paper office two? The phrase for having heard it many times the world’s shortest.