20150905 21:28 money on his mind is the desecration of children on the first lesson school

20150905 21:28 money on his mind is the desecration of children on the first lesson school, some of Disposable e cigarette the school’s tuition fees are collected by the class teacher. To worry about counterfeit money received, a kindergarten, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, east of parents in the tuition will be the child’s name written on the renminbi, a picture of the new RMB thus become September 4th Guangming p is perhaps now counterfeit appear from time to time, people are impossible to guard, so the kindergarten thought resort by the parents of the children’s names written on the renminbi, to prepare for the verification. This teacher worry, not only don’t bother effort to one by one to distinguish the true from the false, accidentally received counterfeit money can also be very easy to lock homes never when avatar compensation a few years ago, in some of the old residential areas, such as utilities, such as water and electricity charges by residents take turns. Some Laoyanhunhua of the E-CIG CHINA elderly, in order to prevent the received counterfeit money, often require tenants to write the name
in the money. But now this phenomenon has been less and less: improve the discriminability of people, and the detector has been widely used; the second invol
ves human dignity and
trust, wrong; three is suspected of damaging the renminbi, to ignored. Therefore, the kindergarten today also allow parents to write the names of children stately in money approach, really surprising. p perhaps we should not be demanding those not read or read a few residents of the old man, but Hot E Cig kits the kindergarten is clearly not in this case: first of all, as a preschool institutions, and for education of teachers, if not familiar with the law, they should at
least know how to take good care of the RMB. If even the basic moral qualities do not have what to talk about, be a model for others? For a point of view, registration, payment, as a teacher and children and parents ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA for the first time intimate contact, that is such a move, it is bound to give children a negative initial impression, so that the school’s efforts to shape their own image greatly reduced. second, it is also a very important point: kindergarten is a child’s preschool stage, E-CIGARETTE CHINA but also a starting point for their life. In a sense, the teacher asked parents to children’s names written on the Mechanical Mod and RDA money, there may be a child into the school gate, the first lesson. Arguably, this lesson should be taught to children is love from the bottom of my heart, is passing by love warm, is mutual trust. But the reality is that when a long time to take over the pen, not willing to fall on the yuan when the child’s name, the moment feels uncomfortable, is a kind of distrust. Such a feeling of shame, will be through the scene of the atmosphere
and the parents’ eyes, infected with the child, become latent in the child’s mind a bad factor. at the same time, laissez faire of the yuan, not only to give the child a bad demonstration, but also to make the parents of the moral education of the teacher to make a negative evaluation and judgment: such a school, such a teacher, can take on the task of teaching and educating people? In such a mutual suspicion, lack of trust, and even the yuan did not know how to respect the school, the child was not correct guidance, feel less love and