20150718 22:38 into 226 words: fayan radical six king

20150718 22:38 into 226 words: fayan radical six king, have a common Mechanical Mod and RDA responsibility to highlight blocking Guangxi daily; 20150717 language into amp; amp; amp; amp; Guangxi daily on May 5, launched a Liunan highway Nanning to Liu Jing segment congestion dialysis, a series of reports. Recently, the office of the autonomous region government issued a total of six traffic congestion in the Southern Highway, Nanning to the traffic congestion management program, clearly put forward from the two aspects, and strive to completely solve the problem of traffic congestion in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the spring, south highway,, Nanning, six. Nanning to the six king of the south is called Guangxi first block, has become the focus of public Tucao and media appeal. Especially in Guangxi daily, South China Morning Post and other news media since May this year, after a series of reports, subject to widespread concern in the community, but also by the Autonomous Region Party committee and government attach great importance to. Today,
the spring of the South Highway Nanning to the six scene of traffic congestion management program in a timely
manner, it is gratifying. listening to the public’s Tucao to find the
problem. People’s Disposable e cigarette Tucao is not without reason to complain, the majority of the people in the six scene of the block to suffer a lot. Six king of Guangxi’s economic development
and the development of the fast track after a new problem. In recent years, the rapid development of Guangxi’s economy, logistics transport, private cars increased sharply, traffic congestion is. Six king is an important throat section of the Nanning and, the six king of the block, especially the blocking of the holidays, has long been a lot of people’s complaints. In the first half of this year due to the holidays, Spring Festival, Qingming, March, three, five one, six one and so on, the six scenic sections of the road will be blocked, the problem is concentrated, the crowd is relatively concentrated. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA survey reports reflect the sound responsive. Liu Jing of blocking, the media inside and outside the region have made many reports and appeal, especially Guangxi daily, South China Morning Post in May this year on six
of the scenes of Hot E Cig kits every day will be blocked, the phenomenon has done detailed investigation and report. Nanning to six scenic section of the highway is G72 Quanzhou to Nanning, Liuzhou to Nanning part of the road, opened to traffic in October 1, 1999. As a quality project of Guangxi construction, its quality is excellent, the period is short, the cost is low, the social benefit and economic benefit are remarkable. However, in August 2003, G80, the king of the highway to the industrial section of the six scene, and six to the Nanning section of the G72 and G80 E-CIG CHINA highway, resulting in traffic flow