20150718 17:04 International Cup opener 10 victory over Manchester United amp; amp; amp; the Copa America area continue to

20150718 17:04 International Cup opener 10 victory over Manchester United amp; amp; amp; the Copa America area continue to, the Premiership giants Manchester United debut in the 10 victory over Mexico American giants team, made a good start. The game has just begun 5 minutes, Manchester United’s new aid Schneiderlin scored the only goal in the field, the second half of the American team had hit a post. Four new players in the field of competition are unveiled. amp; amp; amp; this is the Champions League the establishment of the third year, the organizing committee invited the biggest clubs in the world competition, in Manchester United last summer in the final victory over Liverpool won the Champions League, this year as the defender to continue the competition. Manchester United and the Mexico team in the United States in the summer of 2003 to play a warmup match, when the game is also held in the United States, the United States, the final 31 victory over the opponent. The Reds’ four new signings Damian, Schneider, Schweinsteiger, Lin pres only pig did not start. amp; amp; amp; United started occupy initiative, the 5th minute, second offens
Mens Lebron James Soldier 7 Grey Yellowive launched after Manchester United corner, Mata rightwing cross to the far post, top Schneiderlin leaping high to beat defenders header shoots into the far corner, Manchester United 10. Seventh minutes, the American team in the left side of the road a very threatening pass in the ball did not form the attack. Thirteenth minutes, Ashley Yang
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-is-more-feminine-color-and-design.html in the left bottom of the box, the horse tower before the attack is too low. since then both sides of the offensive threat is not much. The 33 minutes on the field there is a controversy scene, American team a record straight plug manufacturing murder, blinder have a in the penalty area to invade each other attacking players Miguel action, Miguel fell to the ground beg for the penalty kick failed, the American team players surrounded referee scrounge statement, but the referee ignored. After Manchester United Offensive in Depe, Rooney with the sense of strengthening, but still failed to create a good opportunity. At the end of the first half of Manchester united. amp; amp; amp; Manchester United in the second half discharge in a lineup, Bastian Schweinsteiger usher in debut, wearing No. 23 Jersey debut. Fortyeighth minutes, Parreira in the restricted area on the left turn after stopping a low shot, the ball sliding doors. Manchester United attack is blocked, the American team began to carry out largescale personnel adjustment. The 68th minute Manchester United almost doubled the score, before Herrera frontcourt set piece forbidden area left the low door, Bastian Schweinsteiger outflank slightly slower step. amp; amp; amp; 73 minutes, Smolin backcourt passes, American team back Diaz were also received teammate bottom line knock back, foot shot hit the post United escape unharmed. 2 minutes later, Schweinsteiger instigated the attack, januzaj area after the break gift volley was closed out the goalkeeper. Manchester United for the offensive, seventyseventh minutes, Paley

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