20150526 23:39 Wan Mengling: May 26th spot silver short opening massacre

20150526 23:39 Wan Mengling: May 26th spot silver short opening massacre, long be utterly routed May 26th: million Mengling spot silver short opening massacre, long be utterly routed p after a short holiday yesterday, today May 26 the volatility of the silver market enhancement, until the late New York trading, spot silver Qingdao Luyin prices have been from the Asian market recorded the 3310 near, fell more than 100 points, dropping to the lowest weekly back supported by a step near 3285. With the fall in the price of silver 3400 mark, Yellen speech last week recurrent hawkish remarks, made it clear that to raise interest rates during the year, the current short established a cracking pace, the next few trading days, silver long or difficult to roll over, daily spot silver trend analysis and trading online solution disk. Wan Mengling will be in firm group announced. p last week Yellen’s speech seems to give $ate a i.e.number of American economic recovery and stability, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year, that clinches it. Although the market is generally expected this week, the U.S. first quarter GDP will be su
Mens Lebron James Soldier 7 White Black Redbstantially revised, or in a recession, but institutional investors generally expected, with the decline in bad weather, the U.S. economy will be a strong recovery. Greece, despite the June peak, but the two sides still did not reach agreement on progress. The Greek government has promised to promote reform, but refused to introduce further austerity measures. In addition, Greece also said that if there is no access to the next
http://www.kexinlai.net/news/html/?346.html round of assistance, it is unable to repay IMF debt, a threat to. Greece continues to constitute a negative risk to the euro, but the shortterm price of silver is difficult to get a number of boost. p silver prices, can say is to go all the way downhill, 3350 concussion branch after the fall of the night view 3300 mark also appears precarious. The market continued to digest on Friday announced a sharp rise in the U.S. core inflation rate data and fed chairman Yellen’s speech, bearish gold and silver trend. And the United States announced in April the United States in the core durable goods orders increased than expected, no doubt is to let silver price rebound opportunity to break the breath. technically daily silver price after last week’s continuous rangebound cross after the end of today, the price break rangebound 33403380, and the test below last week’s low of 3330, and the average decline in rail once stepped back a weekly support near 3280, shortterm weak showing of relatively strong, the daily EMA system on 510 the average again cross bonding formed an important resistance silver price rebound, below current in orbit and 60120 day moving average support exists, but relatively weak trend will support or relatively weak, shortterm decline in risk is relatively heavy, figure index, the price in the red after appear overbought hook head down short volume rhythm, the short term price once the actual below 33003280 long buying support area, and will further expand down to the 32503220 area, but the current rebound pressure has turned to 33503380 3

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