20150518 23:43 fayan Liyan 214: solve owner registration difficult is the requirement of governing for the people Guangxi news fayan 2014 years on October 1

20150518 23:43 fayan Liyan 214: solve owner registration difficult is the requirement of governing for the people Guangxi news fayan 2014 years on October 1, electric vehicle licensing business, Nanning City Che Kwun E-CIGARETTE CHINA sector opened 12580 telephone booking service, to the eDonkey licensing must make an appointment by telephone, no longer accept booking site. Since then, the public did not stop complaining about 12580 is too busy, hard to get through, to get through the number of. Seeing the new purchase, a monthly registration period is approaching, to E-CIG CHINA ask again every time to meet the nine eight guys selling. A person
in charge said: in fact, to increase Hot E Cig kits the number of channels for the public to make an appointment, but also unable to solve the shortage of current situation, the situation is difficult to solve the problem temporarily. the South China Morning Post A18 May 15th Edition in Nanning electric car brand was almost inaccessible to! Police arrested the sale of 98 guy to combat these disrupt normal working order phenomenon, and to clarify the police and 98 guy selling a no relationship, which makes the majority of owners happy for a while. This is worthy of applause! p but wait a minute happy, don’t think to disturb the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA normal order of the 98 guy arrest can solve the problem, owners can
easily on the card. It would be a mistake. Relevant person in charge then disappointed owner: issuing daily reservation number only 1500, even beyond the phone launched mobile app client reservation, about, difficult temporarily unable to solve. And increase in PIP is very difficult, it involves the increase of personnel problems, so answer is owners hope
to overcome the current difficulties. The original grasping the nine eight guys is a stopgap, electric vehicle owners still a brand is hard to find! If you do not fundamentally solve the difficult problem of the owners on the card, that nine eight guys phenomenon and a stirring among the dry bones! is the relevant administrative departments will not be able to think of a way to solve the difficult problem of the owner on the card? The needs of the masses is work, opened a variety of channels reservation, improve the service staff, increase the site on the card, if enough attention has been paid to can be done completely. At present, people’s livelihood so many electric vehicle owners should pay attention to continue registration difficult and urgent. Vehicle, traffic police detachment and even Municipal Public Security Bureau should pay attention to, such as from other departments to deploy police or appropriate to increase the vehicle administration staff increase service; such Disposable e cigarette as the extension of the daily processing time, the high incidence of even Mechanical Mod and RDA during the holidays, weekends and at night can also be a permit; such as solicitation volunteer service team in led the police to increase the service point; such as requirements related to electric vehicle store to make good preparations for the front of the card;. Believe that as long as the majority of the owners
of the demands, the hearts of the
people serving the ruling concept, there will be a lot of ways to solve the problem. is not an empty slogan for people, but to reflect on whether people really think people really solve the problem. The thing of people are more small events, and closed the electric car brand