20150213 17:47 on the tutor in early a famous scholar once said that family education is the most important and basic education

20150213 17:47 on the tutor in early a famous scholar once said that family education is the most important and basic education, and it is also called grounded education. A child who has no family education, even if the school education is excellent, he may not have a big life, the reason is because he lacks the root. p a child before the age of three, is inseparable from the mother, the mother’s words and deeds, every move is living textbook of children, children in the imitation and memory. This is called mother, mother church. in there by Fu Xun, the mother of the word instrument. Outside the Fu Training is to accept the teacher’s education; into the mother instrument is in the home to the mother to learn, to the mother of the instrument as their own behavior norms. If parents do not selfesteem, not strict demands on themselves, then your child will
learn from you? ; according to the ancient saying, on family education is required as
soon as possible, and the sooner the better. A saying from before the parents do fetal education, this is called to Liu l
iang. Disposable e cigarette For example said, is like before sowing breeding and flat land, to provide a high quality fertilized eggs and a good ecological
environment for your children. This will be the disposition of fetal development and growth to a direct effect. said that we have Chinese practice research for thousands of years, I wonder how many generations of sage. In this regard, the author thinks that should be beneficial and harmless, but believe it.
http://99488333k.cn/news/html/?526.html If prepared for parents, might as well accept and according to do, maybe you’ll get to meet the good luck early Takako, bring a lifetime of happiness. is another way of saying after pregnancy for fetal fetal education should begin on the fetus, it is also very important. It may be said that during the fetal period, the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA child’s senses are in the developing stage, and there is no perception function; however, this argument is unfounded. p according to the modern scientific research to prove, three months of fetal began hearing, that is, from the beginning of the three months you can use sound to prenatal care the. Listen to the development of neurons in the zero to three years old to complete eighty to three, is said to be sixty percent years of children to listen to music, as long as you listen to a lifetime will not forget; this may be the ancients said, three years old to see the old. p scholars say childhood fantasy and Hot E Cig kits ideal is the cause of one’s life essay, after the accumulation of knowledge are focused on the fantasy and ideal, enter the society is to realize the ideals. There is no dream and E-CIG CHINA ideal life must be mediocre, people do not have the ideal, there is no pursuit of progress, there is no way to a Mechanical Mod and RDA successful career. br amp; amp; amp; the other according to relevant experts, prenatal total principle is an orthography, also is always according to the principle of to do is can the. No matter, can not leave the CNS posture one’s behavior and conversation, is standing E-CIGARETTE CHINA straight, lying.