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20140801 11:01 July 7th offering water Festival

20140801 11:01 July 7th offering water Festival, all offering water wonders tomorrow is July 7th day, every July 7th day, Bama will hold
water festival festival. By then, the tourists from all over the E-CIGARETTE CHINA country, will see the July 7th Festival Water Festival event. the root of water, upbringing, water and mind, as early as a farming, water gives wisdom, delicate batik culture p once upon a time, in many of the old man’s memory, Mechanical Mod and RDA each of the city’s water once clear can scoop up drink, and now, this was a legend only in Bama can true can ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA see. as early as hundreds of years ago, in the town of Bama longevity in the world, long green mountain Shenquan spunk water can cure the legend, the legend evolved endemic Water Worship tradition and the traditional related folk festival July 7th Water Festival festival. p Legend day to retrieve the spring can be kept the year round and long is not bad, in case of physical discomfort, remove the drinking, can be illnesses misfortunes, longevity. p whenever the festival, Quart
et villagers that flocked, monastery Koubai, retrieve the fairy springs, in order to year Ankang, so the folk, also known as the water saving. p in Bama County of Guangxi is located in the northwest, is the world famous longevity
village, has a unique longevity culture resources, longevity in Bama long green fairy mountain springs has a magical small molecules of water, it with unique magic like
into the life like penetration into the cell wall, take harmful substances in cells, promote blood circulation, enhance the body’s immune ability, can reduce blood viscosity, blood pressure and blood lipids of human body, created the life science and the science of life. and the achievement of such a magical phenomenon, it is the magnetic field of the lava of the long green. p since 2006, local enterprises Ba Ma Lilang Beverage Co., Ltd. began to pay attention to the local water quality and longevity of advantage resources exploitation and development, and become the Bama County local water industry leading enterprises, has achieved a lot of gratifying achievements. p for unique fairy spring water worship culture, Bama Li Lang, become Disposable e cigarette the outstanding representative of Hot E Cig kits highquality water Bama and only on display in the hall of the China Bama longevity Museum, E-CIG CHINA in 2011 to 2012, has won the Guangxi famous brand, Guangxi famous brand and the National Geographic Mark Protection products, the title. p this year offering water Festival, Bama Li Lang, as
activity undertaker, will by offering water festival folk tradition as a link, transporting Bama quality water to the nation, as the business card of Guangxi, to the world!

b micro Bo rivers and lakes click break 5 billion accumulation of 12 million loyal fans b amp| time: 2013 05 June 30 21:43} source: Qianlong Author: editor: Yang Dong amp| amp| p on the TV show house of cards successful let Netflix earned high praise

b micro Bo rivers and lakes click break 5 billion accumulation of 12 million loyal fans b amp; time: Disposable e cigarette 2013 05 June 30 21:43] [source: Qianlong] [Author:] [editor: Yang Dong] amp; amp; p on the TV show house of cards successful let Netflix earned high praise, Chinese video website also ushered in the homemade milestone. recently, the 56 Network announced its homemade talk E-CIG CHINA show micro broadcast lakes cumulative amount of more than 500000000 times, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the average daily amount of more than 2000000, to refresh the domestic video site homemade program record. At the same time, the micro broadcast rivers and lakes female anchor silently Sina microblogging fans number is to reach more than 120000. Since 2011 began to build 56 production, the 56 Network has launched the micro broadcast lakes, music afternoon tea, and other files by young Internet users welcome homemade variety show. the success of the micro broadcast arena is clearly a trail to follow. As domestic Internet the first tranche of the comedy content and characteristics of the interpretation of talk show
, micro broadcast arena in the past two years has accumulated powerful fan effect. These fans called ink, Hot E Cig kits they love silently in
the program and interactive message board microblog and anchor. Ink on the micro broadcast arena love very persistent, they will not only influence side classmates and friends to become ink, and there are even a netizen one breath at the 14 hours to more than
100 programs read all. in order to facilitate the user through the mobile terminal to watch the program, the micro broadcast arena in the end of 4 launched an independent App, the current Android client has more than 100000 users. in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the past two years, the domestic video sites have been covered in homemade programs. Xiao said, cock wire men, homemade video site program received, not only let video website to obtain the confidence and experience the selfmade program, the more help in video sites to reduce procurement costs of copyright content. Along with the network video industry competition to enter the white hot stage, homemade content has become the key to highlight the contents of various brands, brand differentiation. , Mechanical Mod and RDA vice president of the company, 56 general manager Zhou Juan believes that the micro broadcast rivers and lakes, not only means that 56 produced
a young audience recognition, the
entire video industry has also made a reference for the program. p Zhou Juan said, micro broadcast the success of rivers and lakes are two key factors: first of all, 56 net has been implementation features of the original entertainment content, 56 produced inhouse programs is to cater to the mainstream Internet audience namely, the preferences of young Internet users; secondly, the micro broadcast arena content all come from the hotspot, and the use of the power of social networking sites, small broadcast arena almost viral spread in the social networking platform. ;

Su Jiafeng market within the collection point through kwgland freight service department is located in

? Mr. Su Jiafeng market within the collection point through kwgland freight service department is located in, a number of goods shipped to Liuzhou. On the consignment note, written by the service department of the collection Disposable e cigarette and payment of 3040 yuan, freight is 50 yuan. In accordance with practice, after the completion of the collection of goods, the freight service will be the collection of the payment of the money in a week to customers. And Liuzhou by the receiving party, Mr. Su know Mechanical Mod and RDA each other already receiving goods and the payment to kwgland freight services. After Mr. Su
personally came to lunlong freight services located five one Road headquarters, found the door closed. Next door, a logistics company staff told service department in a few days ago has the warehouse office Hot E Cig kits activities and all things have moved away, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA do not know where to move up. The next logistics company staff said, kwgland freight services swept away for at least hundreds of thousands of yuan.? The boss has no one to answer the phone, businesses for reimbursement Dunshou facade, glory Logistics
Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Branch staff after discussion decided team went to the field to find, in Pingxiang, Longzhou twice outsmarted, eventually the license plate number in Nanning found lo
st boss Mr. tan. And the logistics company to collect the payment of the business has a close relationship? Both delivery, and accounts receivable, logistics in the expansion of business, while the risk chain is also further extended. Merchant Mr. Wang said, we used to let the logistics company to collect the money, which is no way to. Even
if this fell wrestle, I’m afraid I will still choose this way of logistics. Several merchants told reporters that the reason: one is the post price is too expensive, we must consider the cost. Another is, so many years my clients have been accustomed to such transactions, for each other, after all, the delivery is the most reasonable, the most fair. And the speed of transport is much faster than that of the post. 2 the logistics industry is very low, the logistics company is a large quantity, the quality is Suppliers if more trust to receive the goods, the two sides can transfer the transaction; the supplier if more trust in the logistics company,
will let the collection of money. If the payment to the third party account transfer, but also bear the credit risk of third parties. In any case, choose to take a certain credit risk. Precisely because of the risk can not be completely avoided, and E-CIGARETTE CHINA the delivery side, logistics companies and the receiving party’s credit degree and the lack of specific standards, it is difficult to test, so the lack of institutional protection of the logistics chain will be frequent fracture. 3 lack of industry norms, lack of effective management system, and some enterprises to take down the price of competition, once the money will not be enough to break the capital chain. Logistics boss told reporters, the industry is in a state of E-CIG CHINA disorderly competition, with the money on foot is not surprising. Are there any measures to deal with it? Will you choose to let the logistics company to collect the money?

10:09 20150409 how we review has experienced the students all know

10:09 20150409 how we review has experienced the students all know, the number of students enrolled
in the graduate examination is how much? Onethird In fact, in its examination of the students of the 985 universities for World War II students, of which 211 and a general university for this year’s graduates, for 985 due to higher test scores, the number of candidates to apply for more and more fresh graduates are not so much review energy. Coupled with 985 university graduate student reference book is basically unchanged, review it again just one more chance, under normal circumstances, the preliminary results will to be higher than the fraction of a war. In fact, the students for one’s entrance examination, regardless of the number of stations, the exam is the hard truth. p in
fact, the study section of the second world war because Yale graduate Xiaobian also did not pass but looked at remedial classes in a review of the students in full swing, I to them were small interview. Postgraduate entrance examination into several directions: E-CIG CHINA 1 is still in the same direction from the same professional, school. For such candidates if a war can recognize cons
cientiously review, again with the second major to enter oneself for an examination, coupled with the understanding of college seniors and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA graduate students have been admitted, with some relatively abundant sources of data. World War II as long as careful review, basically can be firmly. p 2 still feel their war is a good professional, but the battle school Hot E Cig kits change the selection, will probably choose to reduce the requirements. After the World War I exam grades came out on
their own have relatively large understanding. This is a comparative Qiuwen mentality, so as to enhance their postgraduate success rate. 3 Mechanical Mod and RDA for a professional, for school. This kind of students’ test pressure is relatively large in which the choice of other postgraduate entrance examination is E-CIGARETTE CHINA not great, but for the same as the re examination is the same, and the second world war than a war. A war of the students are fresh students, there is no pressure on the life of a fixed learning environment. For World War II students need to face the pressure to solve the work of life at the same time, and in the case of a failure of the test, but it is not a little advantage, there are not some students choose to give up a number of studies, plus a war English, political foundation, a lot of experience to the professional course is a good choice. for the choice of students in the World War II mostly on their own in some subjects or have some advantages, but in some subjects, most students are because of the reasons for the failure of the World War II students in the summary of their own time is not reasonable, so most of
the World War II students will be very closely, in fact, I do not recommend this for the Second World War I suggest that we should put most of the time in weak subjects, other subjects as a review to maintain the feeling. As the subject of the change of the year, we need to deepen Disposable e cigarette our review on the basis of the original. go out of the war and test

20150518 23:43 fayan Liyan 214: solve owner registration difficult is the requirement of governing for the people Guangxi news fayan 2014 years on October 1

20150518 23:43 fayan Liyan 214: solve owner registration difficult is the requirement of governing for the people Guangxi news fayan 2014 years on October 1, electric vehicle licensing business, Nanning City Che Kwun E-CIGARETTE CHINA sector opened 12580 telephone booking service, to the eDonkey licensing must make an appointment by telephone, no longer accept booking site. Since then, the public did not stop complaining about 12580 is too busy, hard to get through, to get through the number of. Seeing the new purchase, a monthly registration period is approaching, to E-CIG CHINA ask again every time to meet the nine eight guys selling. A person
in charge said: in fact, to increase Hot E Cig kits the number of channels for the public to make an appointment, but also unable to solve the shortage of current situation, the situation is difficult to solve the problem temporarily. the South China Morning Post A18 May 15th Edition in Nanning electric car brand was almost inaccessible to! Police arrested the sale of 98 guy to combat these disrupt normal working order phenomenon, and to clarify the police and 98 guy selling a no relationship, which makes the majority of owners happy for a while. This is worthy of applause! p but wait a minute happy, don’t think to disturb the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA normal order of the 98 guy arrest can solve the problem, owners can
easily on the card. It would be a mistake. Relevant person in charge then disappointed owner: issuing daily reservation number only 1500, even beyond the phone launched mobile app client reservation, about, difficult temporarily unable to solve. And increase in PIP is very difficult, it involves the increase of personnel problems, so answer is owners hope
to overcome the current difficulties. The original grasping the nine eight guys is a stopgap, electric vehicle owners still a brand is hard to find! If you do not fundamentally solve the difficult problem of the owners on the card, that nine eight guys phenomenon and a stirring among the dry bones! is the relevant administrative departments will not be able to think of a way to solve the difficult problem of the owner on the card? The needs of the masses is work, opened a variety of channels reservation, improve the service staff, increase the site on the card, if enough attention has been paid to can be done completely. At present, people’s livelihood so many electric vehicle owners should pay attention to continue registration difficult and urgent. Vehicle, traffic police detachment and even Municipal Public Security Bureau should pay attention to, such as from other departments to deploy police or appropriate to increase the vehicle administration staff increase service; such Disposable e cigarette as the extension of the daily processing time, the high incidence of even Mechanical Mod and RDA during the holidays, weekends and at night can also be a permit; such as solicitation volunteer service team in led the police to increase the service point; such as requirements related to electric vehicle store to make good preparations for the front of the card;. Believe that as long as the majority of the owners
of the demands, the hearts of the
people serving the ruling concept, there will be a lot of ways to solve the problem. is not an empty slogan for people, but to reflect on whether people really think people really solve the problem. The thing of people are more small events, and closed the electric car brand

; I and Guangxi for introduced essay contest for university students in Guangxi recently

; I and Guangxi for introduced essay contest for university students in Guangxi recently, general secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and Disposable e cigarette other party and state leaders to visit college students in an important speech, expressing the central leadership of the employment situation of college students, but also issued a call
to encourage college students to go to the countryside, to go to the grassroots, to encourage students to start their E-CIGARETTE CHINA own business. br amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; this is the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, the socialist economy construction of our country is entering a span type development critica
l period of history, the economic construction of Guangxi is ushered in unprecedented opportunities and in rural and small and mediumsized enterprises need a lot of talent. Guangxi 200 million college students are the future pillars of Guangxi, Guangxi, Hot E Cig kits
they are full of passion, always ready to devote to the development and construction of the home. , strong Second, to the theme of the essay his amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; the heart, Guangxi counterparts; numerous students and serve the country. To Guangxi’s economic construction experience, participants, experience, beneficiaries of
the observer, a unique perspective, from different locations, different perspectives, different sides, different levels, different industries, experience, observation, experience, research, analysis ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Guangxi economic development opportunities and challenges, to express to the hometown, the motherland a better future of enthusiasm, witness the historical opportunities
for the development E-CIG CHINA of Guangxi, to their views reveal the economic development of ASEAN Free Trade Zone, farreaching impact on the college students’ employment and entrepreneurship development strategy of Guangxi Mechanical Mod and RDA Beibu Gulf, put forward how to participate in the economic construction of Guangxi, how the employment and Entrepreneurship of new methods, new thinking, new trends. three, requirements

2015 Fourth Sunday June lunar cover picture: online video to pay

July 19, 2015 Fourth Sunday June lunar cover picture: online
video to pay, you will see? Burn the endless the video industry is ushered in a wave of wave of pay. A number of video sites to bear many, have to disclose signal pay to watch. The popular IP TV drama become the competition for resources, and many other flower and bone was traced to the original plagiarism. Mobile phone newspaper launched the micro magazine 117th, continue to find wonderful, micro world. You are welcome to visit Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, @ palm Guangxi. Six male staple staple staple was traced to the original pay to see p micro journal guided reading [micro attention] E-CIG CHINA br ] Tomb notes were Tucao click back up br ] network drama or become irreversible trend br ] many film and television drama amp; plagiarism door amp; br [micro Bo furnace br high school graduates get together and shaping to improve Yan value br ] Zhengzhou built 48 meters high 25 storey parking tower br ] American restaurants are now 24 pounds 95 year old lobster br man by plane to save money 12 sets of clothes br study say good longdistance gene b
etter br [micro] br ] recommendation can be thin section of fresh fruit juice drinks, p this page for a directory, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA please press the corresponding key mobile phone to read the next page content, editing gxb sent to 10658000, can subscribe to Guangxi
mobile newspaper; mobile phone newspaper cannot receive selfhelp Hot E Cig kits troubleshooting methods: 1. E-CIGARETTE CHINA Off the boot and remove some of the old information; 2. Send Mechanical Mod and RDA SMS BF to 10658000 replacement within 24 hours is not
successfully received mobile
newspaper; 3. Replace to another mobile phone MMS try. Such attempts above are still not receiving, it is Disposable e cigarette recommended you venue communication 100 service hall to deal with. [micro] network in Web Series pay era coming round? br according to the southern pine uncle novel of the same name of super season broadcast drama Daomu since the launch has been plagued by a variety of questions, the first is from the original pilot episode, many unreasonable story attracted users take a brick, then the byword of slag effects and forcibly implanted advertising, let this socalled 500 case set works and become friends trough. But with the influence of super IP, but the play tomb singing all the way. Tomb notes the complete works of online 24 hours, the 1.14 billion clicks, also let iqiyi VIP membership weeks ring than an increase of over 100%. It seems to indicate: the video site’s free lunch to eat soon. p A] phenomenon: Daomu being Tucao click back up br Tucao, but difficult to disperse the enthusiasm of the original followers and idol fans, independent radio network drama Daomu recently hits has been broken 1.5 billion, more than 250 million members pay to watch the play, according to each 15 yuan monthly fee

Red bean attitude

Red bean attitude? Guangxi construction Highspeed Rail Guangxi drop sound special sixth manuscripts how to not let the Yulin people feel? Honeymoon, ride from Beijing to Xinjiang and Nepal South Canton train resources are two flat occupy package high iron to contend with the sea, alone Lele Lele as Yulin delays in E-CIG CHINA planning with a high iron, grievances public anger in the continuous accumulation, Guangxi Zhuang Fu you know?! Nanning east station: serious bubble urbanization witness Jingxi, unexplored AIRO scenic spot, beauty too much, for making the immortal drama! A major event, this morning to help me Fan Kongguang Claus I pay 110 after get lost! Then Pingnan and when I was young, I memory resplendent era had fallen the trend of the market? Rising plate? Held by the stock? Guangxi does not need to be a taste of Guangdong. Guangxi, Disposable e cigarette Guangdong why the economic gap so big? Guangxi Zhuang people in the night to beg, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s government launched Zhuang TV on enhancing economic vitality in Nanning several simple suggestions Liuwu railway has room to maneuver, Guiping Wuxian is a monolithic bloc? Yu iron railway track laying track paste Bobai station, or just a beautiful legend 1066 floor native Wuzhou people I ad
mit Wuzhou dialect difference between Nanning dialect, but Hong Mechanical Mod and RDA Kong people listen to don’t understand of Wuzhou dialect novelty, Yulin. Yulin! You should Hot E Cig kits reflect on this! Through the city Highspeed Rail, Yulin and even the planning are not, what the construction of harmonious society? Guangxi Yuedian Guizhou Joan Xiang min 7 province
Baotuan upgrade Changsha county railway net of a mighty, a lot of the prefecture level city in Guangxi are less than Nanning to university city construction
of 30 square kilometers of the Academy of Social ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Sciences list livable city, the North South Chin, GUI, jade, river, to list, Liuzhou drag, Dalian, Qingdao, feeling is similar, is no family prosperous. 2015 1 July, Guilin, Wuzhou, total industrial output value of Beihai City, three new E-CIGARETTE CHINA Yulin urban construction long track update recommended that each city 23 countylevel cities and areas, promote the urbanization of Guangxi to achieve what subjects through two programs do not makeup? Public concern! The national hundred counties ranked 2015 in Jiangsu Province in 9 before taking the three without a list of Three Gorges: bombing of the air raid shelter against America! Eight subway, 5 highspeed rail, is scared to death of Liuzhou days ah, Nanning even markets can play dead objective said Wuzhou dialect can not think of a person’s ability to survive such a strong SAIC GM Wuling
nifengfeiyang! the mighty difference between Liuzhou autonomous region and the province, you know? The latest 100 fresh county! Guangxi
feeling why Bao Jun two vehicle factory officially put into operation in Longmen Hepu River Bridge, the city framework will be further expanded since there are so many people talk about the vernacular Cantonese, I have to talk about it! 2015 national hundred county ranks: Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and scored 65 9, no one on the list of Yulin Gongxingmeikailong project fizzled out laugh spray [nitidine earn big] Liuzhou bank dividend per share is a waste of the bank’s more than four times the high iron effect highlights, Liuzhou Sanjiang tourist strides new vitality, Guigang, pearl glory Xijiang River! Guigang City Growth pictures super big discovery: people in Liuzhou The original Guangxi or Chinese horses, large cattle 2

15:47 20141020 general meeting of JP Tian Donghui: large data and the combination of the system is conducive to risk management p [editor’s note] financial website 2012 grand launch of the leader in China Online Gold Bo highend series of interviews

15:47 20141020 general meeting of JP Tian Donghui: large data and the combination of the system is conducive to risk management p [editor’s note] financial website 2012 grand launch of the leader in China Online Gold Bo highend series of interviews. This project is carefully crafted financial website interview class program, an interview with financial institutions Disposable e cigarette to focus on business line boss, analysis of industry status quo, look forward to the future development. related topics: Interview with the general meeting chase investment consulting Beijing Co., Ltd. vice president Tian Donghui [introduction] the general exchange of investment consulting Beijing Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. was founded in August 8, 2012, is a collection of wealth management, credit risk assessment and management, small loan services, vehicle mortgage services, industry investment and other integrated services platform. The company has a master of personal credit management, small and medium enterprise financial investment and financing service team, small business and lending management advisory services platform. general meeting chase investment consulting Beijing Co., Ltd. vice president Tian Donghui financial community
: in E-CIG CHINA fact, the kind of risk averse, they are more valued at this risk, you think your company how to strengthen risk control. Tian Donghui: in fact, the topic of the wind control should be for our financial industry or financial industry, it should be the most core,
the most fundamental issue. We all know that investment risks, the market need to be cautious,, the words for the stock E-CIGARETTE CHINA
market, we everyone knows, young and old, well known should count is, for our P2P industry also a problem, risk control and how to control and our Mechanical Mod and RDA wind control Hot E Cig kits system I think in this regard can still of, in this industry, I think should be in the
forefront of the. How to do it, first of all should be divided into several blocks: the first piece of what I think is still the problem of people, is the wind control in the final analysis or people to do, depending on the system or, depending on the talent, people in this play a decisive factor. Our people, I think that regardless of the responsibility or their knowledge, their ability or, I think it should be able to reflect. P2P industry every winter is a season, this time regardless of the number of customers, or customers are complex, more complex, this time risk control should be faced with great pressure, I believe that many companies are difficult to have such talent reserves, we are able to help people in our time, in order to our risk control rigor, overtime can be done at 6 o’clock, and each list is to recognize the true to do, there is no two, I think this is a very rare.
second is ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA our data. I think the future of wind control can not rely on people, we must rely on big data, we have our data center, for our entire nearly three years of data for the entire

case background: Tsingtao Brewery is China’s first launch of a pure raw beer brand

case background: Tsingtao Brewery is China’s first launch of a pure raw beer brand, and has been to maintain the first volume of pure health. Is one of the most important products in Tsingtao Brewery’s product line. to the fresh word for the product characteristics of the Qingdao pure life, the fresh life as the brand has been uphold the concept. But in the promotion, we found that what is fresh life is not clear enough for consumers. At the same time, in the category of pure life, competing products more or less in the dissemination of the concept of fresh. so, in 2014, the biggest challenge we face in the promotion process is: the slogan of live life is difficult to make consumers understand, as well as the area of memory. however, in recent years we have been in the interpretation of fresh life exploration. in 2013, we combine the audience stickiness and the highest degree of active social media: microblogging, in order to carry out the marketing position, la
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 Black Silverunched a program called show a fresh dream of the Internet communication projects. Through the guidance, let the net friend say the most eager to make life more wonderful and more vivid dream, and vote for you to agree with the dream, and ultimately achieved a million in the amount of participation. we have to collect the 10 million live dream for research, we are longing for the life of life are mostly: a hobby and some achievements, efforts to work hard to achieve peak, business love and harvest happiness, intentions to achieve the dream of travel. In 2014, we have a clear definition of the life of life: the passion, focus and stick to things. This process of the pursuit of the heart is not afraid of the outcome, is hidden in the hearts of people living in life. how to perform a fresh life? Combined with the 2014 Internet media trends, through a large number of data and case studies, the formation of our communication strategy: we believe that the popular way of life, the most vivid and effective way is to real life in the real example of the formation of visual elements, video content production, television, outdoor to undertake output, in social media, the formation of a national participation. marketing objectives: to promote the theme activity of Qingdao pure life in Qingdao 2014 in our marketing the seeking how vivid interpretation of live life concept and into the hearts of consumers, enhance brand loyalty. target audience: 18 30 years old, male predominance. Living in one, second tier cities, the higher education level, income, fashion and lively, care about the taste of life. communication strategy:

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