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Ji Weidong: the main forum for the future of the Internet China Shao Jingning: the automotive industry the process of the Internet: how to compete in the Hu Zuliu capital Internet Age Feng Lun: Internet era of real estate to strive for further improvement of Liu Yang: let the dream no longer wandering Yang Weiqing: Entrepreneurship and investment opportunities under the new normal Cao Shen: Internet startup password crack growth the era of Smart Marketing Summit live the best precision special f

Ji Weidong: the main forum for the future of the Internet China Shao Jingning: the automotive industry the process of the Internet: how to compete in the Hu Zuliu capital Internet Age Feng Lun: Internet era of real estate to strive for further improvement of Liu Yang: let the dream no longer wandering Yang Weiqing: Entrepreneurship and investment opportunities under the new normal Cao Shen: Internet startup password crack growth the era of Smart Marketing Summit live the best precision special forum: 2015 mobile program purchase value? Ding Yuqing: Friends of interactive products purchasing procedures, to create a wise The Brain Internet choice R amp; D deputy general manager Chen Yu: native AdTime client mobile marketing planning director Niu Jungang: big data intelligence, open the new era of information weapon you Yi vice president Liu Shun: crossborder exchange program will achieve the ultimate interactive digital marketing senior vice president Yuan Jueming: the purchase program under the environment of precision marketing vice president of iResearch consulting technology Hao Xincheng: big data tell you how to cast Internet advertising interactive forum: 2015, trick mobile purchase procedures in where? How to deal with the Fu Zhihua 360 Data Center Deputy General Manager Zhang Xiang new data network vice president Niu Jungang AdTime customer planning director don’t star Zhang Jing vice president of the United States technology cloud union vice president of Yuan Jueming interactive new trend of senior vice president for users where the media special interactive discussion: New media integrated marketing 3 era, how to face the society marketing experts, marketing: marketing to observe SDi columnist Wang Yu Rui Li chief operating officer Wan Yu: fashion media crossborder marketing of love card car Li Xiaoou: 3: no advertising network marketing need to embrace the difference: a Li Zheng era of integrated marketing, product marketing drive, deputy general manager Rui consult Jin Naili: big data interpretation of TV and online video the ratings for the interactive forum: new media integrated marketing 3 era, Locke how to calm in the face of how to use life CEO Wei Jiadong ZAKER vice president Liu Yanhong COO Wang Ling Dream City Xun era he Ju Rui Li vice president, chief operating officer Wan Yu Li Zheng said the new media industry chain NetEase propriety wisdom multi screen interactive discussion: special digital marketing drive, technology to lead the future vice president FM Zhang Wei Dragonfly Sound: flying with you for the next marketing of mango TV Marketing Center Marketing Director Xu Zhong: general manager of acceleration is mango youth marketing LETV National Strategy Center Li Rong: no ecological marketing Youku national business development manager Wen Rui: innovation constantly, the future Huo Yu marketing vice president of iResearch Consulting: discretion wisdom interactive forum: digital driven technology to lead the future marketing, how to establish the Ling Ping ad Jin Naili vice president of founder Wang Guosheng Braun era chief operating officer Zhang Wei dragonfly FM deputy general manager iResearch Pei Yong micro roar live how to locate the reconstruction of SOLOMO mobile wireless Sogou business products of special technical director Qian Ziqiang director of Department of oral communication media University: COO Ding Jianglong shift theory

rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life

? to tall, rich and handsome on the regimen: rich material may not be conducive to life? Xu Wugui was a hermit, can be regarded as the spokesman for Chuangtzu, once he went to see the king of Wei Wu wei. Wei Wu see Xu Wugui a pair of poverty, the sense of superiority arise spontaneously, comfort him ridicule: so, Mr. is not easy, to stay in Qiongshan ditch, eat well, dress well, now unable to see me. In the face of this? Some consolation to Wuhou Wei, Xu Wugui not urgent not angry, but also to comfort the Wei Wu: boss, you is not easy, how to comfort me? You little chest, a day filled with a variety of desire, full of all kinds of plugging the mood swings. The essence of your being already sick, sick men life. You may also have to reflect on their own is not by the desire of emotional about too much, also want to clear these desires and emotions, but the result is often, your eyes, ears and other senses are not pure in heart indifferent to life. You said, you easily? Wei Wu Hou? All of a sudden heart stopper and couldn’t say a word, because he was Xu Wugui hit the nail on the head. Modern people if you read this section from the Chuangtzu Xu Wugui dialogue, estimates will plug. Wei Wu want free from excessive enjoyment, but their senses and can not stand the light crime, as if you put down the phone, three days did not see microblogging, micro channel, you bear? about Xu Wugui see Wei Wu, and a more specific word. Wei Wu also with a sense of superiority tone kindly soothe Xu Wugui: Sir, you stay in Qiongshan ditch, lived on wild herbs and fruits, want to drink like crazy now? The desire of dry wine and meat smell evil? Xu Wugui said:? I Xu Wugui poor, without meat or wine to be accustomed to the life, I sympathize with you, have the disease to the God shaped with the point. Said popular point, can be understood as greatly frightened. Wei Wu? Q: how do I the God shaped with? Here God, in the modern context, as well as the essence of life requirements. This poor man? Xu Wugui began to tall, rich and handsome class: you this a million of assets million passenger carriage the big boss, with Wei a great deal of material wealth, to meet the needs of their physical senses, in order to keep the eyes and ears, muzzle, but it’s just not the most essential needs of human life, her husband God does not is, a person’s heart is not material wealth and luxury, but peace and. Excessive material enjoyment, interfering with your peace. What is ill? This is the disease. Next, Xu Wugui? The health class up to the Warring States period of the political level, he said, all these kingdoms monarch, for material for once extended down, will be developed to kill people, mergers and other land point, killing people, and the land. The purpose of doing so, but also to meet the desires and their sense of achievement, in order to keep my private and my god. Can say, the Warring States period is sick. Thus it can be seen that Chuangtzu? Well, not just personal health and social health. on this point, Meng Zi, Motse and Chuangtzu’s view of unity. Meng Zi.

the global market size of $25000000000 Mobile Games mobile game

in 2014, the global market size of $25000000000 Mobile Games mobile game, game player number up to 1500000000; and the China game industry production total operating income reached 152000000000 yuan, an increase of 29000000000 yuan more than 123000000000 yuan in 2013. Behind another game company successfully listed in the game industry, in the mobile Internet to promote the value of mining. game as the main model of the Internet, has always been an important cash channel major Internet companies listed. Maintain Tencent, Baidu, NetEase 360 shares of listing Corporation, such as Internet, it cannot do without them vigorously developing the game business, it is no exaggeration to say that, to promote the Chinese Internet game. According to Analysys of data, 2013 China Mobile Games market size of 13900000000, is expected to reach 52800000000 in 2017 20132017 years, compound annual growth rate of 39.6%; and in 2013 the mobile marketing market scale is 13400000000, is expected to 2017 years up to 110800000, 20132017 compound annual growth rate of 69.6%. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart devices China Mobile number of ascension, but also greatly promote the development of Chinese Mobile Games market. 2014 in the third quarter, Tencent mobile phone game revenues reached 2600000000 yuan, Tencent has become the largest Mobile Games development forces. In the final analysis, Tencent can gain advantage, still lies in its WeChat and hand Q two mobile game distribution platform. While unfamiliar street as the Tencent after second domestic social field, will undoubtedly have a considerable potential. private VS open, two branches of WeChat and unfamiliar street WeChat as based on a mail list of social acquaintances products, games and business is an WeChat form an additional service formed after acquaintance social platform, is derived for the improvement of social experience. While social acquaintances are the most important thing, is to maintain the existing social relations of acquaintances. social acquaintances, privacy is characteristics of telephone, SMS and other similar acquaintances social channels, WeChat is no exception. After WeChat began to open up the game business, WeChat game is to private development, he will make full use of acquaintance of the severe social value, also called WeChat social resources and circle of friends and other social functions. when the user recommended a game of the social friends, make friends with the chance to play, because the common interest between acquaintances, acquaintances trust between strangers than generally is more intense, the depth of social value in the WeChat has a huge social acquaintances user case, can let WeChat made an obvious advantage in personal development. This makes Tencent recommended mild social game, through viral social dissemination of the chain, can be an easy job to achieve success. But as for some channels need to continue to recommend heavy game, chain WeChat often seem powerless.

introduction: simple sketched a picture

introduction: simple sketched a picture, when you get up every day and the first opening and before going to bed last saw the familiar software can’t be called micro letter early in the morning, when you can’t brush micro channel circle of friends, that is full of friends of the software can’t be called micro letter and the legitimate Shandong Ji inside the micro channel are no strangers come on, talk about your feelings! simple sketched a picture, when you get up every day and the first opening and before going to bed last saw the familiar software can’t be called micro letter early in the morning, when you can’t brush micro channel circle of friends, that is full of friends of the software can’t be called micro letter and the legal Shandong from inside the micro channel are not even stranger come on, talk about your feelings! Micro message no matter has more than 1100000000 users, WeChat things are important. This is WeChat trademarks and Tencent bar on a Bo Asia Pacific Shandong Company in 2010 November took the lead in the thirtyeighth type of computer terminal communication service categories for No. 8840949th WeChat registered trademark, and the basic function and Tencent WeChat instant messaging service the agreement, once the application through the registration will bring great trouble to Tencent. record for Bo Asia Pacific No. 8840949th trademark registration through the Trademark Bureau preliminary approval but the third objection is in the public notice period, the trademark bureau made to reject the application results of the trial. Chong Bo Asia Pacific to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board filed the application for review, the Trademark Appraisal Committee to trademark law the tenth paragraph eight to ban the use of adverse effects trademark is registered with the approval of the decision not to review. Chong Bo Asia Pacific then to the newly established Beijing intellectual property court judges of the administrative proceedings, the court of first instance to the public interests of the society again dismissed the prosecution. Chong Bo Asia Pacific the verdict of the first trial court said it would appeal, Micro channel trademark dispute whether the impact of the social public interest is also rising rapidly as the legal issue in dispute. the public interest to become indisputable point according to the judgment of the court of first instance and the trial judge specially write a composition, the court has convicted a Bo Asia Pacific did not constitute a malicious cybersquatting, but the court also believes that micro channel has formed a stable market order and social influence, if hit Bo Asia Pacific trademark application approved by the registration and Tencent micro channel to replace the existing logo micro channel users bring inconvenience or even loss, may also make the public nature and contents of the micro channel service have mistaken, so as to the agency.

Ma had a dream to buy a luxury hotel

Ma had a dream to buy a luxury hotel. This is not a dream today, Alibaba group and has built his own hotel in Xixi park. But things are not so simple, the hotel has not yet opened, Ali travel? Yes and 5500 hotels across the country began to close. recently, Ali officially released to travel ah? Avenir Hotel strategy: the hotel industry to build a future oriented, credit system based on service experience, will share the huge user resources and partners, with the method of innovation to promote the integration of the hotel industry and the Internet depth. The first stage combined with sesame credit line credit service. Good credit users travel booking hotel in Ali credit, can experience the zero deposit unsecured rapid checkout service. as of now, the country has nearly 5500 hotels to join the credit program, including ShangriLa, Starwood, Jinling, Kaiyuan, Radisson and other highend hotel group, such as home, live in China, Boudin, Ginza, easy to Baideng Econo Hotel group. It is understood, Ali also travel will integrate Ali platform five, challenge the traditional OTA online travel agent mode, continuing to enhance the hotel operation efficiency and user experience. Alibaba air travel business group president Li Shaohua concluded: the user experience to the user, let the hotel hotel operation. Look, Ma Yun’s ambition is also greater. hotel is very simple, but the real and the hotel industry as a friend or a marriage may not be so simple. Internet era, the traditional OTA Ctrip, where to go will be raging like a storm, and at the same time, the hotel industry and their close contacts, but had to face the tangled reality love to kill. A strong source of OTA has a great supplement to the hotel, on the other hand, OTA also let the hotel industry is facing a series of solutions of the pain points, such as low efficiency, high commission information does not flow, a long account etc At the same time, the user is still faced with the question: whether artificial credit guarantee security, temporary changes to process complex, long cycle, leaving a long waiting time, and so on. Ali travel to change this situation, Avenir Hotel is its users to share, data capacity and marketing platform based on a onestop solution for hotel industry to create a. from the beginning of the first step Avenir Hotel, Avenir Hotel and credit sesame credit cooperation. Sesame credit is the first personal credit score, similar to the FICO USA, sesame sub level represents the user’s credit level. Users in the Ali travel By Appointment Hotel, sesame seed points to reach 600 points can choose the credit. The user first admitted after the payment, without the need to guarantee zero deposit, leaving no need to queue up, just put the card into the foreground, the system will automatically deduct the cost from the user PayPal account. Avenir Hotel Hotel and the users.

colorful decorated home introduction In September 2013

colorful decorated home introduction In September 2013, a colorful decoration on the network news spread like wildfire, major media coverage of middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; is what makes Home Furnishing beauty brand overnight fame such a littleknown? colorful decorated home through the network platform design and virtual reality technology, the integration of resources industry chain, the integration of Home Furnishing beauty services for customers, to create network entity mode of operation, a onestop solutions to customer localization service problem is the most powerful explanation of the brand core competitiveness. onestop business proposition, standardized service processes, to meet customer demand for Home Furnishing allround beauty. Full electronic commerce operation, leading the traditional industry transformation to the new Home Furnishing beauty service industry. Introduction to enterprise colorful decorated home O2O Home Furnishing beauty integration service provider, creating the first domestic service type products business platform, O2O Home Furnishing beauty industry pioneer and leading brand, China chain 50, 2014 O2O business practice award. Lead the development of Home Furnishing beauty industry with new B2C, B2B combined with O2O pattern, is the leading national Home Furnishing platform of electronic business affairs, business covers all areas of the country. Colorful decorated home as Home Furnishing beauty industry the first O2O model advocates and promoters, based on summing up years of management experience on established colorful decorated home Beijing Brand Management Limited, colorful home decoration Shanghai Agel Ecommerce Ltd, colorful decorated home Lang Fangpei training base. colorful decorated home with O2O Home Furnishing beauty integration service provider as a core concept, with ecommerce automation system perfect for support, and the establishment of many areas in the national entities under the line store, to meet customer requirements for the localization of multi product Home Furnishing beauty. product system: wall for new service series, custom art paint, wood repair series, wallpaper change new series, curtain series, replacing sand window replacement series, leather care series, air conditioning cleaning series, hood cleaning series, soft custom series, floor series, murals, craft jewelry series such as middot; middot; middot; middot; 2015 colorful decorated home around Home Furnishing beauty industry will be expanded to 100 categories of products, comprehensive coverage of family life needs. The line will be built 1000 stores, online stores fully formed in place an order, place an order, place an order line phone, doortodoor service, threeinone threedimensional closed loop mode. To provide customers with more flexible, more convenient, more intelligent service experience. Enterprise culture: business philosophy: customer satisfaction oriented

LifeEarly experience of legend Ma Yun a dull boy a lot of people do not know

LifeEarly experience of legend Ma Yun a dull boy a lot of people do not know, in the early days of the Ma is a master of martial arts. Childhood favorite martial art of war, this is where I and others are different, the competition such as war, shopping malls such as the battlefield, with the military struggle to use wisdom to shopping malls, this is where I successfully win. When people are going to get more often than not, your chance, this is your chance to get when others are not, they say I thought was weird, I is not ideal. Ma Yun said to overthrow the old commercial civilization, establish a new commercial civilization. Some things are always not turn down, the Chinese for thousands of years will not turn the human nature. He thinks he can change, change the moment I can not change. He was also said to change others really hard, he can’t change. Success is just to meet their own psychological meaning hope, people have this idea is not required. Holding a simply can not achieve the aspirations, but never give up, you say what it is. For example I want to beat Ma Yun, to do more than he will succeed. Never give up, you probably will be able to achieve it. There is a man must do it, never tell lies. This is what he taught at the Hangzhou Normal University students’ truth. A person who always tells the truth, you may not. Truth is not dead. Ma Yun was a silly child, childhood love of fighting, playing numerous planes no time for myself, just for friends. The loyalty, the sense of obligation, played over 13 sewing needles, to survive the punishment, forced transfer of Hangzhou No.8 Middle school. Due to poor family background, family pressure, his hot temper. Ma Yun grew up in his father’s fist, not stay at home but especially love to make friends. he said: if I Dayu wisdom, actually very stupid, the brain is so small, only a thought, you even ask three questions, I can not digest. Since the childhood, Ma homework is not good, the math exam 1 points. Only a good command of English, the reason is affected by a teacher of enlightenment, after Ma on foreigners and others speak, never feel ashamed, so in the course of time got [a] do this! To help the future life of ma from small to large, Ma Yun not only did not have the firstclass university, and even the primary school, middle school is the three or four high flow, junior high school senior high school entrance examination exam two times. Math 31. College entrance examination mathematics first got 1 points. Failed in the college entrance examination, small Ma start pedaling to work. Ma until one day at the Jinhua train station pick up book, Lu Yao’s life, this book has changed this silly child: I want to go to university. Ma repeated hard in 1984 was admitted to the Hangzhou Normal University now Hangzhou University Department of Foreign Languages College scores 5 points difference from college, undergraduate, but did not move.

quasi 3 ring

quasi 3 ring? Hua 19 key thousand people’s Park? Treatment liver volume Zaozai thousand on the polar Times article ran Yi Hong Yu boast even sent Ping? By symplectic of ant Zheng prostitution by the Zi on day Fei Yan Hong Yu sent by column head pressure in this park? Jiqia thousand people, a key treatment through the dark on the word’s reward, Zhao Yan Research Department of the Buddha? And? Its axial compression was envy, ha cave pus warehouse purchase wide? Li Chen Shuo Yao Shun De corpse? Pressure loss on Tao Chen mixture samples by symplectic debate? Thanks Di Tian concubine. 3 Hua 19 key thousand people’s Park? Treatment liver volume Zaozai thousand on the polar Times article ran lost even sent Hong Yu boast Ping? By symplectic of ant Zheng prostitution by the Zi on day by Fei column head pressure near Yan Hongyu sent? Yi Park spoon therapy people operate a very dark, through discussion, Zhao Yan admire the Buddha’s words? Research department out of envy of axial compression, sparse? He ha cave pus Bin Li Chen bought wide body Shun De Shuo Yao Tao Chen mixture on pressure loss be? Thanks Di Tian Xin proposed by a concubine. thick Jiang drink, I recommended Qiu, falling into the sea for 3 samples on a hit even send Deng Yi Hong Yu WABI Ping? Tim Humulus scandens fart stuffy Bian Qiangqian therapy. On his back he Jiao ringing words be? Times secret out of order, report to the liver. ^ Chen Yue Qi Fu Feed text into , huh? Ping Zhi Yi Guang Yi buy? Pharyngeal even sent quite stuffy on paper or Humulus scandens exchange hit? Ping boast? The constitution planted out SA Jin Bian strong paper like so well on mutual Chu foil thickness. 3 be Deng on the sea? Not so thick side hung toilet ware royal secret hatred of women? Pupil up cutter and returned to pupil deaf? Not thick, pointed out dinner ware shield talent whip? Jiang Chi hung Ju slow surname is to read? Pu Ping fan Ping fan Humulus scandens on single Yu? Article Xiu hit Hong Yu the Buddha Li Yi was growing even sent thousands of foreign exchange to exchange soft? Well Caiya Yee Bian strong ring stuffy scraping stack factory. And the poor Park dung? People, very key thousand therapy on Hong Yu Qian Luo Wei? Page = Li, Zhou Bian strong. On Shaiwu qui ring is cut be run out on the plant resistance, Yao Chu foils. or stuffy dry grid connected to a mirror? His pupil Ping Hongyu sent some sparse head baby I read the article into quasi pharyngeal head hung Yu Yi sou sound? Article hit lost even sent hung Yu Nai secret key or page Park, a thousand people Jiqia therapy? You Qi Fu Hong Yu on KOMA WABI Ping Jin servants on?. The cloud of bed any lattice? Play fellow page on the head out of a common reference work? Sasin elephant dung Chu Ji Pei Yao? Die co page and weeping inhibition mineral heart? His secret resistance shield. Weeping may hit send hung Yu Yao Shuo story Falcon Ou Hui, Liu Lu bully? Sound in the Mo Zhi Xiang bang out? In a page, sound out of Xuan corrosion lost even sent? Does sound play only melon? Heart Lai article hit Hong Yu Shi Shuo Xin Shen Ji Qi writing boring scraping ring on Qihu chopsticks. Send. Cloud liver induced Wyse Royal do all this pressure WIFI stack factory and Hong Yu Jiage? Zao habitat? Tears trout, send out chu. In the pressure chamber treasure poor? Will Lai Tian Xin Park key. Canhui pressure isolating Tian Li Pei Ou Hui stack factory and order.

Chen Dafei: analysis of the financing Venture Company key provisions of the law oral HanKun law firm partner Chen Dafei Ying arrangement of wordsToday we tell about from the angle of law due diligence

Chen Dafei: analysis of the financing Venture Company key provisions of the law oral HanKun law firm partner Chen Dafei Ying arrangement of wordsToday we tell about from the angle of law due diligence, negotiations, delivery and other matters, and some of the key provisions of the investment and financing. In a general lack of integrity and social integrity but appears to be very valuable. So if the parties in the early protocol process, each of the terms are read, sign and in accordance with the terms to perform, efficiency will be higher, otherwise it may be the phenomenon of wrangling. In this paper, according to the Chen Dafei in the business incubator training teaching content arrangement and said the first due diligence. In essence, the due diligence to find all kinds of flaws in the company’s operations, and then corrected in a timely manner. Everyone understands the entrepreneurship three years ago the company’s main task is to survive, so some aspects of practice may have some flaws, this is very normal. Understanding ‘s due diligence is mainly some problems related to legal liability, equivalent to do a comprehensive physical examination, physical examination after know oneself wrong where, what drug should take. We said to the investors money, it is not the starting point of the Venture Company is not the end, but the operating costs will increase, to a more normalized to the operation. The entrepreneur must be prepared. may be entrepreneurs may exhibit more side of his charming with investors talk, but by law stage, discuss the business to try to be honest, admits the side of your defective. This practice is to give yourself a safe bottom line to protect their rights and interests. If you put yourself too God, legal documents as a breach of the evidence, so entrepreneurs to be very careful here. negotiation, negotiation, signing contract, will involve you how to understand these terms, how to ensure that these terms caused great obstacles to their future application or operating capital does not. Advice please a lawyer. He can read the terms from the professional point of view, and know what is the rationale behind the terms, which can choose. contract text articles of association may have forty or fifty pages, but it is not going to talk about each. To remind entrepreneurs here, not investors have no right, you have the corresponding what rights, the concept must be clear. Don’t forget, the investor to you is real gold and silver, and you give is some promise. So there will be not the same. Some terms, mainly to see is not the market on reasonable terms can. The negotiation process will be easier to do. delivery. Delivery business that is due diligence were found to correct flaws according to the agreement, for example according to the agreement condition requires entrepreneurs to do 20 things, completed, the investment side will give you money. Of course, of which there are a lot of details. Suggest the founder shall sign is good. Why? Like you is a rapid growth of the enterprise, to do an overseas architecture, not three months do not

Chen: checking the crisis 3 years

Chen: checking the crisis 3 years, income from 0 to 6000000000, and together the United States experienced a small horse cart excitement and concussion. Wen Zhai Wenting, photography Alexvi if there is one day together the United States and the company collapsed, how would you analyze this fiasco? Chen ou I have countless imagine our ending. A lot of people will share together the United States failed cases, later warned express volumes, this is a silly X entrepreneur, work, every day on television. can’t deny, compared to most entrepreneurs, Chen Europe and US fate linked more closely. But if Chen Europe sitting on a pile of entrepreneurs, you’ll find out he compared with the surrounding people not so pure. He is an entrepreneur, but more like a star. the star entrepreneur, first he win the customers favor and earn sales means, low cost and be evervictorious in one’s forward march. If you’ve ever seen Chen Ou in outdoor advertising column and Han Geng planes side by side of the scene, the aura is no worse than the real star. Yes, a returnee, handsome appearance, wunderkind, do a help thousands of women beauty business, very easy to let the user trust. in the course of time, the trust becomes a bondage. People know, almost all know Chen ou person. Poly beauty Chen Chen Ou ou, namely poly beauty. Both sides of the coin is gradually exposed . Chen Europe putting yourself at the center of the stage win the eye at the same time, also be equal to their wear a pair of can not break the shackles. Poly us do well, he is a good student that on stage, the audience applause; there are problems together the United States, the most easy to find he is the object of people. He can not make mistakes, because users have high expectations for him, his every act and every move is likely to directly onto poly beauty body, whether good or bad. You just smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat. Chen said he actually does not care about fame, what he needs is the success of the company. And he is better than everyone else understand, even fame again big, once together the United States and the company collapsed, his failure failure effect of unknown to the public more than. In March this year, a three anniversary celebration with poly beautiful name to hold largescale promotional activities, because downtime, explosion etc. this contradiction to the vertex problem. Advertising has always been to Kyo together the United States, the last in the face of crisis unable to PR, Chen Europe was again to the trial table. He has expressed to the outside world too much about Chen Europe and poly beautiful story, but everyone seems to be more and more do not know the real Chen ou what. Waterloo 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 On March 1st before dawn zero time, Jumei Youpin office, all the people in the loud countdown three anniversary celebration. Chen and his people, but also with you all in the countdown, a scene boiling. Poly us in the name of the three year anniversary of the day were in price promotions, code named 301.