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lead: gem finally opened

lead: gem finally opened. Do poineering work board what will bring to us? VC, PE, entrepreneurs and a grade, two grade market investors are thinking about this question. How to make these people can achieve the goal? That is to say, these people will be able to earn money. This is the gem of long finally opened. Do poineering work board what will bring to us? VC, PE, entrepreneurs and a grade, two grade market investors are thinking about this question. How to make these people can achieve the goal? That is to say, these people will be able to earn money. This is the gem longstanding reason. good enterprise is the basis of multi family could win, certainly is not a zero sum game, the system must be newly created. This will require the enterprises to grow, creating more and more value. Only in this way, can we win the market participants. here said the good enterprise, is relatively simple definition, profit is the continuous growth of enterprises. To profit continued growth, must require the enterprise to have sustained advantage. This is the actual enterprise standard. The author has pointed out the past what factor of enterprises can be sustained, market position, brand, user habits, scale, unique resources, technology and culture, team and etc actually, an important task for VC, PE investment is the selection of good business. The GEM Listing audit objective is to let the excellent enterprises listed. how can appear good business? this is related to social development is inseparable. Success is inseparable from the scientific and technological innovation and America. The innovation of science and technology makes a great company like Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, Ebay and Amazon, provides financing, trading platform for these companies, oneself also will succeed. The historical environment of current Chinese creates opportunity for innovative enterprises. Chinese features of industrialization and modern hightech come at the same time, this point is different with the Silicon Valley. China opportunity displays in: the city, the upgrading of consumption, industrial upgrading, clean technology, outsourcing services, network technology to the traditional economic penetration and so on. A large number of China Company in the good performance of NASDAQ, prove Chinese does exist such a chance. especially in recent years, Chinese VC, PE industry rapid development, screening and cultivating a lot of excellent enterprises. In addition, the system environment China progressively and perfect, entrepreneurs gradually mature also makes the entrepreneurial team quality, quantity are greatly improved. today Chinese can appear a large number of innovative enterprises, gem is based. the next question is, how to make these enterprises can become good gem master? system arrangement is the guarantee of Some institutional characteristics gem is gradually clear up

lead: enterprises should be WeChat as according to the brand

lead: enterprises should be WeChat as according to the brand, to attract more people become concerned about your ordinary fans, and then through the content and communication will be the ordinary fans into loyal fans WeChat fire after WeChat marketing began to heat up, but drift bottles, the people nearby function is more suitable for individual social networking, for the enterprise marketing is only tooth. The launch of WeChat public platform, just let WeChat marketing value gradually, so WeChat public platform has become the enterprise marketing the most important platform WeChat. during a recent period of time, a lot of friends through different channels WeChat public account inquiry, how should operate? WeChat public account operations which are the fundamental principles and rules? Now combines WeChat public account operation experience of Xinqiao public relations for more than ten months, do a systematic carding, tentative study with you, also as a unified queries to these friends reply. first, talk about WeChat marketing logic. does not recommend enterprises will WeChat as a sales platform, is now no shortage of channel, it is easy to open a shop. The enterprise lacks is the brand, is the lack of trust, if the user does not accept your brand, do not trust you, your sales will annoy users. enterprise should be WeChat as according to the brand, to attract more people become concerned about your ordinary fans, then the ordinary fans into loyal fans through the content and communication, when fans recognized brand, build trust, he will be your customer. There is a wellknown fish ponds theory of marketing, specific content, you can go to ask Baidu, will not go into details here. WeChat public platform relative to the fish pond. these are WeChat marketing logic. next, talk about WeChat public account operations which are the fundamental principles and rules. Combined with practical experiences, we summarize 8. The content of 1, location: content is king Localization of content should be combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, at the same time from the user’s perspective to consider, not blindly only push the enterprise own content, remember WeChat not for business services, but services for users, users only get something from WeChat you, they will add more loyal to you, and you become friends, then sales will behoove. remember, the user is directed at your content to come, because I think the content recommendation is valuable, so the content is king. for WeChat content, we have a 1X model, 1 is the best embodiment of account the core value of the content, X represents the diversity of content, to meet and satisfy the demand of users, enhance the content of attraction. WeChat such as our operation evermore Office of the public, which is a office product as the theme of the WeChat public, core content is Offi

herding Shenzhen station you group friendly

herding Shenzhen station you group friendly, I’m glad we come together today. You just did a self introduction, men and women, old and young, all walks of life, warm like one family Beijing in accordance with the herd of the Party group of friends experience, asked a question of me most is: why do you have to build the sheep? Why? You look around the table, you know why. is the kind of Baotuan heating, the warm feeling. To my readers together, let everyone know each other, each other, is itself a herd the most basic goal, and the future will have the opportunity to start the online and offline activities, for the national progress and social transition to do some contributions, is our higher goal. In between, there are too many things to do, such as charity, culture industry company. of course, the Internet, various group Party innumerable, but like this have read my articles, I agree to pursue the idea, basic approve of my way of doing things, not. Speaking of my ideas and ways of doing things, I have turned the conversation to. What is my idea of needless to say, our own behind closed doors, I can’t be too polite, these years China should also not than I wrote more, more suitable for ordinary people to read to promote freedom, democracy and rule of law idea of the article. Go on the road in Beijing, often have common passersby rushed to communicate with me, today is not a Shenzhen group of friends, is also not long ago in Shenzhen Metro recognized me and got to know each other? Did not come today? What is the way I do? This is more complex, especially in these days, I often encountered some criticism and even attack, they questioned my idea, more doubt my way of doing things, some of which I support learning general this government is not understand, that I bought, licking the chrysanthemum, well, first to admit, this is a progress. By the time of Mao Zedong, who dare not lick chrysanthemum. But for me as a independent writer, this argument is not too fair, even itself exposed their ignorance and narrow, because most of the people who say this, and not carefully read my articles, nor with my readers. some of the democratic idea only have a onesided view, know some fur, they detest the world and its ways. The wrong, I group of friends of the herd the most basic requirement is not detest the world and its ways, be constructive. I write my heart is my writing motto, since I can criticize, of course, can also be praised, can support, then, what do I support learning always the leader? I support learning general anticorruption, support for his reform. I think it can help to promote the transformation of the society, it is also beneficial to the transformation of Chinese rule of law, freedom and democracy. I did not put their hopes in a leader who, when China really go that day a fork in the road, I have my own direction, but now it seems, corruption and reform are good, at least as I

Lijunvcd recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital

Lijunvcd recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital, found that many outstanding entrepreneurial projects in the early have been concerned about, and even with the entrepreneurs have had indepth exchanges and communication. For example, the O2O project Manicure carved Lord beaver family and children, such as intelligent positioning shoes step left, and do washing O2O E bags wash etc , however, in the previous episode, the most let me feel deeply or a home appliance repair housekeeper O2O venture project, namely the user online through the website, place an order WeChat or telephone and other means, then the line repair engineer orders after the first time home appliance repair, provide the mobile phone, tablet computer repair service and parts of white home appliance cleaning service. appliance repair O2O three user pain points personally, home appliances if failure in need of repair, it is very troubling me in the past. For example, in 2011 I started the Mac air screen is broken, but taking into account the out of warranty repair costs are relatively high, and the domestic manufacturers to provide repair service is not guaranteed, I chose to give up repair. Now, the main reasons are the following three aspects: 1, price and service transparency first of all, the traditional home appliance repair shop, the price is extremely opaque, but there is no price tag, which led to a lot of people to repair mobile phone, computer and so on to the next line store more taboo. Especially the entrenched in Zhongguancun area to repair mobile phone and home appliances business owners even after dismantling machine will offer. The most critical is the traditional service, repair process is not transparent, had often heard friends mentioned, repair personnel will be allowed to replace the original accessories. In I naturally talented program demonstration, appliance manager online pricing, and price tag, repair personnel will be on the repair process the whole video, which is a method to solve the price and service transparency. 2, the lack of security services after repair second, another point is that the mobile phone repair shop repair mobile phone, mobile phone once the wrong recurrence, must be re paid service repair, the repair is often shortlived business, most of the repair business users post service is not guaranteed, and the user can only look forward to repair home appliances will not fall ill. To solve this problem, the same, appliance manager for their repair products, in the emerging problems will still find it for free repair warranty service, the user is to eat a reassurance. 3, the experience is poor, repair shop, waiting for a long time And in the past the , mobile phone repair experience, because there are a lot of people focus on a mobile phone repair shop for repair, which makes everyone waiting repair machine for a long time and uncertainty, especially in the repair of high.

The socalled ecommerce dry cargo should be practical or tell a story 2015226 2015

The socalled ecommerce dry cargo should be practical or tell a story 2015226 2015, ecommerce is not only an industry, a theme, a career. The transformation of demand in the thirty million traditional enterprise market, electronic commerce has become the most important issue.. Especially when the traditional enterprise as death squads, one after another into the electric line and a large number of failure, do not do ecommerce to business catchword outdated, upgraded to does not make the electronic commerce to die, do ecommerce. so, entrepreneurs to the electronic commerce course demand upgrade, by listening to the theory course, brainwashing class excited to listen to dry cargo! The demands on teachers seem to upgrade the electricity supplier, because the socalled dry cargo. Must be told how the enterprise ebusiness transformation, the implementation of ecommerce channel expansion, brand building, marketing, can avoid the maximum failure of transformation. I don’t jump up and down in the table, nor ask entrepreneurs today to eat well, passion, just an ordinary person and electricity supplier practitioners. Coupled with the University’s leadership and training circle of friends advised me to say: what will the teacher should now more lecture, students on the electricity supplier brainwashing class are not interested, they want to hear the real dry.. I then went from below to the stage. based , decided to learn to learn 2013 the beginning of the year, I will be business consulting, marketing and ecommerce training time was average, increased the lecture time. It took 10 months to 15 years, the Internet and planning experience, sorted out a series of electronic commerce and network marketing course. Especially in the electronic commerce 12 kinds of causes of death, it is precious memories, almost to head over to complete. The beginning of the , mostly in Guangzhou, Shenzhen electricity intensive, Hangzhou City lectures, the effect is good. Dare not say that a round of applause, but some enterprises said the teacher is too dry, today really have the harvest. But with the gradual increase of courses offer, I began to go around the country, great contrast. in the China Association of small and medium business forum, said: the electronic commerce 12 kinds of causes of death, due to the time, only about two of them. But the scene boiling, 50 entrepreneurs business cards are rushed to 1 minutes robbed, who came all the way to the city leaders personally come to exchange business cards with me, make my consulting business 10. The scene of the feedback is, the records what the teacher is saying to the enterprise of great significance. , however, also speak of electronic commerce 12 causes of death in Anhui, is not only one exit, also.

Li Keqiang prime minister this year NPC and CPPCC report O2O

Li Keqiang prime minister this year NPC and CPPCC report O2O, also spoke highly of the development of the Internet, that the flow in the air, the Internet will make China economy fly. At the same time, in the 2015 Chinese IT summit, BAT for a future where the air is discussed, Each airs his own views. So, next, what will be the next tuyere? Ma Huateng felt the next outlet is: the Internet out of the circle we the socalled new economy, to the wider world, combined with all industries. As the largest market of O2O industry solutions provider, slightly off to think with all the trade union is to do service! The connection between the original Tencent person and person, now to the people and equipment, and the service connection forward. The minivan, committed to the O2O industry solutions and services, is steadily in the forefront of the future air. will be half life to the partners of has long, slightly off to have committed to provide the best solution for the O2O industry, will provide our partners and customers the best services on the market. At present, slightly off to the four service center: WeChat series of basic services, mobile station to station platform, commercial real estate O2O services and micro off red envelopes, the envelopes micro passenger is now in the market the best response, it changes the connection, is the new O2O ecosystem, solve the problem of the current mobile Internet entrance, the bottleneck of mobile a large number of Internet traffic to get. micro off red is one of the core services minivan to the product of the present stage, it is slightly off to the half life. Red 2015 minivan is strong new product, main connection, advertisers, consumer goods, commodity sales to sweep, sweep out the source of the advertisers, to allow consumers to sweep out the cash. A product, connecting the three party service. Now, micro off to the half life to the partners, to our products, to our advertisers, let them benefit, bring consumers benefit, the complete set of service system in the market and expand on the floor. the next outlet will be slightly off the red envelopes? The future of , the next outlet, everyone can see, there are crowded. micro off to the side squeeze, but not take off in the air, but the air up a ladder, to solve everyone in the air in easy to difficult, and this is the ladder, micro off red. Following , micro off red with two practical examples to illustrate. micro off red launched on the occasion, micro off in Nanjing core agents in Europe and Nanjing Weixin intelligence science and technology limited company will see the point of interest, that this model is very novel, and then seize the step, cooperation and achieve the minivan. At the beginning of cooperation, Nanjing Ou Wei will use its own resources, and 50 retail FMCG businesses, such as his cigarette and liquor vendor in Nanjing school, friends of the chain supermarket, energysaving, snacks, food chain.

Betsy Cheung of Bi Xi Zhang Lijia: the image of local tyrants do private butler Zhang Li Jia pursues is

Betsy Cheung of Bi Xi Zhang Lijia: the image of local tyrants do private butler Zhang Li Jia pursues is, must have the international pop fan tall, but the base must be China culture. language and Yi RongAlthough is mixed fashion people, but Zhang Lijia in the lens of the photographers and not so easily. Follow the prompts to transform her body photographer’s posture, couldn’t help laughing: I see the lens face stiff. Her hair very short, tall, facial features and the phone a husky voice and delicate in stark contrast to the. behind Zhang Lijia against the wall hanger, covered with white gauze skirt mopping the floor. The other two rooms, is a senior in 2013 launched a line of clothing and men’s casual wear. Zhang Jia 3 years ago to work advanced customization referred to as high idea, the Spring Festival in 2013, the Betsy Cheung Bi Xi senior custom clubs began trial operation in a decoration exquisite two layers of small villa. Haute couture clothing is the highest realm, fashion from Paris, has a set of strict standards in europe. Each piece of clothing are the one and only high, and many are pure Handmade, expensive. has been, people just need to group setting is the world of entertainment. But Zhang Lijia does not like the entertainment circle of vanity, she will be more willing to positioning customer groups Betsy Cheung Bi jubilee for the Chinese elite, is also the business and cultural elite. She found that entrepreneurs in China after decades of development, thought and ability has a little not inferior to western entrepreneurs, less is a personal image. Chinese entrepreneur’s internal and external image formed a great contrast. So we need to help them build a personal brand image, the church they had more quality life. Housekeeper personal image 2013, Betsy Cheung Bi Jubilee launched a line of clothing the Imperial Palace fan chart. This suit the overall style is very modern, but the splicing part joined the distinctive Chinese elements. The designers found a picture of the the Imperial Palace in a topographic map topographic map, added a lot of his eyes China elements. The patterns printed on silk. The splicing parts of the clothes that are used in printed the Imperial Palace topographic map of the silk fabrics. the designer teens go abroad, have been abroad for study and work, to China impression still stays at a young age. His design, with an obvious mark of the fusion of Chinese and Western culture. this is Zhang Lijia pursuit of things, to have the international popular fan tall, but the base must be Chinese culture. when she build team, requires as the soul of the brand designers must be Chinese, but must be learned fashion design in foreign countries, must be in the foreign clothing company work. Two designers are selected according to this standard. I don’t believe in a purely external

416UPThe Next Big Thing

;3?416UPThe Next Big Thing? yes, and Ali had a quick taxi, Didi taxi Tencent shopping mobile Internet O2O poor toss, leader, Tencent this time is more cautious, even up to the literature, animation and other new business entities, profit, only slowly to Tencent mutual entertainment business group to the front of the stage. is currently the basic financial circle there are two kinds of views, one at the end of last year to do Mobile Games: Ali, the first work popping as the name of the game is more like a meteor across the sky left echo, Ali pulled eggs lesson, let Tencent strange business involved in the outside of the game should also try other Xiaomaguohe depth; a: Tencent from ten years ago at the start of the game to make mutual entertainment, just waiting for so many years no successful precedent in mice, desperation had to do it yourself have ample food and clothing. The of these two kinds of views, the penguins must feel wanted them to comment on 500 and then go to the report The author is not to regard it as right, Tencent announced that Pan entertainment strategy as early as in 2012, behind the belated effort is not count. The author thinks, Fengeng mutual entertainment industry, is not a short duration of time, not content to stick users, box like clouds, the content is the Internet Co strengths, missing only a stage play. Tencent clearly understand this, like QQ on the Internet to WeChat in the mobile Internet one, which is behind the QQ show, Qzone, circle of friends and a series of product support. interactive entertainment: the spirit of the Internet kernel driver in the last century, the TV industry era, the other side of the ocean can be said that Disney is the first chair of the interactive entertainment, cartoon character from the big screen to the small screen, and even moved to the line theme park. This logic is not difficult, but why so many traditional entertainment giant, has been blocked in the Internet outside the door, because they do not understand, the spirit of the Internet drive. is the basis of Internet links, the portal era people and information.

lead: when ten personal

lead: when ten personal, you walk in the front ranks; when one hundred people, intermediate station in the team; one thousand people when, you go in the team behind; when ten thousand people, you can only pray that God bless you. many companies finally grow up, not body didn’t grow up, but the head didn’t grow up. this is UC team venture tenth years. Checking a Venture Company’s growth has two aspects, one is from the business point of view, the two is from the point of view of people. The business point of view, the media has a lot of various analysis, today I will talk about the problems of people for future entrepreneurs reference. Konosuke Matsushita said, when ten people, you walk in the front ranks; when one hundred people, intermediate station in the team; one thousand people when, you go in the team behind; when ten thousand people, you can only pray that God bless you, very vividly describes the management challenges with the characteristics of enterprise scale expanding. can hold challenges, first venture to choose the right partner, like friends like to say: God is not afraid of the same opponents, teammates fear like pigs; also note added partner. a lot of people know that I was He Xiaopeng and Liang Jie recruit joined the entrepreneurial team. In fact, the UC team has an important personnel adjustment is added at the end of 2007, our fourth partner Zhu Shunyan. When investors have the objection, and for this I am on the board of directors for so many years, the first red in the face. looked back, the fact that I insist on is right. Produced at least two farreaching influence this thing: is Zhu Shunyan in the UC market and expand channels play an important role. The two is my Heshun arthritis has successful fusion, making UC the team in conformity mentality increasingly open. many companies finally grow up, not body didn’t grow up, but the head didn’t grow up. Early is that several people, later, or that a few, this company do not. UC development up to now have ten executives, is derived from all of a belief there is consensus: a new partner will bring benefits. we have several requirements for the partner, must first in certain professional direction is an expert, then can keep simple and direct communication within the team, not like that every day to figure out the sense organs, the last is said to do, create value for the company, which is professional ability, transparent plus a performance culture. is a twoway choice. In turn, we can offer a partner? For Venture Company, today’s every high handsome Fudu from scallion came all the way, we can share only the future. Jobs was lobbying PepsiCo executives to join Apple: you are left to sell sugar, or with me to change the world? of our development partners, hard game is some, of course no jobs so dramatic, but not just pie. We will show the feasibility to potential future partners. The peer of a hand, it is not known. Our group

looking back into the past 2011 China games or online games

looking back into the past 2011 China games or online games, hit the world, electric tour still persist in one’s old ways, PC single still desolate scene. Of course there are countless, fighting in the young people and the dreamer game industry still attacks before subsequent Huisa passion and dream, write with those we have or are experiencing the story. And the ten major events listed below are 2011 Chinese game industry can not know, is just one of the miniature event ten, network game addiction prevention real name verification formally implemented Background: according to the national eight ministries issued on the network game addiction prevention real name verification work notice, the network game addiction prevention real name verification work officially implemented in October 1st. commented: people’s Daily news, in the implementation of online addiction in these 4 years, the net swims game player loyal users in the proportion dropped 50%. It seems that in the relevant departments, the result is worth of foreign propaganda, which is stacked many digital one of your accomplishments. Although┬áin the past 4 years, the anti obsession system in the game player almost does not exist. And this project also has many loopholes, such as anti indulgence real name verification work is currently only covers all online using the network game, not including the network game of mobile phone; the children can use the parents ID card register. Prevent indulge the intention is good, but useless, the┬ánet swims the standardization is still a long way. heat: New: no Sincerity: event nine: long cuts thinking Background: on January 10, 2011, long swim in magic legend project after the failure of a number of departments involved in research and development, market of layoffs, and halted the operation of multiple projects. In the end of 2010 there is perfect and spatiotemporal, Jinshan, couplet swims and so the wave of layoffs of many enterprises. comment: you encounter with the whole industry downturn related. In a few years ago the industry development prospects of HERSHEY’S, rush to expand the operation scale, and to mature industry specification, a lot of lack of sincerity, shoddy project natural market acceptance of the cold. heat: assumes New: no Sincerity: no event eight, page swim wave sweeping across the 2011 Background: with other giants joined Tencent company, in 2011 the Chinese webpage game market scale will reach 1100000000 yuan, up 12.2% over last year. A large number of Internet companies have joined the web game operations and independent development, the strong user liquidity, the formation of all companies go digging gold. Financing low also appeared in 2011 the client network, optimistic about the web game for short, smooth, fast advantage of investment square. comment: from the development of industry scale, webpage game business model and the user consumption habits have become mature, the market capacity in 2