20141102 17:18 why we Jiangnan is not a good teacher

20141102 17:18 why we Jiangnan is not a good teacher? E-CIGARETTE CHINA ; text tin drum amp; amp; amp; amp; south bank is the legend of the Condor Heroes in a cute characters, the martial arts are not firstclass, but excellent face, call, no Jishizhicai, but generously to the world for oneself, had little smart without pattern, the whole body had strong moral gas, but like little man wearing a big hat, although always walking with, still inevitably stumble. Year of life’s greatest glory, not in the Yangtze River beat Huaiyang help more than one hundred of the hero, but Guo Jing’s teacher of the enlightenment. South Hot E Cig kits Bank have a wrong understanding, that felt Guo Jing is very stupid, and scold your disciple Ben never taboo Guo Jing, even has been internalized as Guo Jing’s self perception. In the first half of the Condor, the psychological shadow of Guo Jing, we ha
ve been very low selfesteem, is the result of education. This not only affects the Guo Jing, and even mislead the reader. In fact, from another point of view, Guo Jing is not only stupid, almost a firstclass qualification. Otherwise, later in the arena ahead lack reasonable explanation ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Jin Yong’s hero, gifted, Guo Jing is
not Disposable e cigarette exception. The legend of the Condor Heroes, very clever several talented young people, such as Yang
Kang,, and tolui, martial arts are highly limited. Why? They are qualified, but lack of a generation Tianjiao the qualification, the qualification of these simply summed up, is to have patience, calm, brave, consistent, the success of Genghis Khan and because have these factors and pure character, that is onceinalifetime Liangcai. We do not know how South of the theory of multiple intelligences, but is regarded as useless, is really blind. don’t know if Jin Yong makes Ke Zhene blind, does he mean it? br to smart, the legend of the Condor Heroes, E-CIG CHINA dragon 8 and return of the Condor Heroes, many referred to the Guo Jing’s savvy beyond the ordinary, almost Wu academia To belittle A: Guo Jingdao to master Hongqi: did you learn Quanzhen internal
strength, Is it right Guo Jingdao: Ma Yu Madoff passes over two disciples. Hong seven Fair: this
is the, otherwise you just over a month, how can the Jianglong my 18 palms to practice this skill. br to know, to in the teaching for more than twenty years, ultimately failed to learn eighteen dragon subduing palms, then served as Michael Jordan, the most Mechanical Mod and RDA learned 14 palm