20141013 17:05 ads exist everywhere empty

20141013 17:05 ads exist everywhere empty. Every evening, will go for a walk in the square, will encounter many passing out fliers, from real estate opened to business promotion, a wide variety of all kinds of information, there are numerous, and so on. many people took the flyers slightly to see one eye, then readily lost, flyers, and in the wind whipped, then fell to the ground, trampled. I took the flyers generally look, then roll up, holding in their hands, the next re encounter with a person to send it to me, I raise a hand scroll, sketch has, no longer receives. Then, to be interested in, to take home and then carefully
look at. Not interested, sometimes also take home when waste paper to cushion things, but also when it is a waste of it. Sometimes really do not want to take, it will be easy to put people on the car parked on the roadside car basket. The trash at the worst will drop into the nearby. I think, those advertising leaflets sent to my hands, the encounter is not too bad, right? But more people are readily throw, let the people trample, not only a waste of paper, but also pollute the environment. Whenever this time, I would like
to: those who publish ads, for what purpose? ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA They also knew this advertising practice effect is not good, not many people care about is a waste, Disposable e cigarette and damage to the environment, but still bored, patiently. Don’t they think of a better way of advertising? We must spend money to hire the printing, distribution, the effect is
not good,
see a few, the pollution of the environment, the impact of the city. I think they must be too lazy, or the way of thinking is too simple, too far behind. In the age of network information, we must rely on the human resources to distribute leaflets and simply, it is too E-CIG CHINA far behind, too clumsy, Taiyuan began. So feel free to distribute advertising, in the square, in the station, at the mall, although the crowd surging, but the lack of targeted, most people are took the ad look at, casually throw, then continue to journey, didn’t care, leaving only ads everywhere, those employed to distribute advertising also ignore regardless of, as long as a his hand of
advertising is the, Hot E Cig kits no matter you is not to have the effect. Sometimes beside him off with he just sent out advertising. He didn’t bother to to pick up, thanks to some clean up the poor man will in the subsequent to clean up Mechanical Mod and RDA the battlefield, otherwise, streets, squares will become too ha ha. in fact, such tousle advertisement, as in online hair a post, a message, or simply to write the contents of advertisements on the board, make model of fixed, let and often the people themselves to watch, not a waste of paper, saving manpower and material resources, why not do it? But those that are merchant seems to be thinking influence, only know that continue to print advertising, let E-CIGARETTE CHINA a person distribution, and regardless of the effect at the mercy of the advertising everywhere is really too poor, too but what the. Why don’t you think a few more ads