20140801 11:01 July 7th offering water Festival

20140801 11:01 July 7th offering water Festival, all offering water wonders tomorrow is July 7th day, every July 7th day, Bama will hold
water festival festival. By then, the tourists from all over the E-CIGARETTE CHINA country, will see the July 7th Festival Water Festival event. the root of water, upbringing, water and mind, as early as a farming, water gives wisdom, delicate batik culture p once upon a time, in many of the old man’s memory, Mechanical Mod and RDA each of the city’s water once clear can scoop up drink, and now, this was a legend only in Bama can true can ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA see. as early as hundreds of years ago, in the town of Bama longevity in the world, long green mountain Shenquan spunk water can cure the legend, the legend evolved endemic Water Worship tradition and the traditional related folk festival July 7th Water Festival festival. p Legend day to retrieve the spring can be kept the year round and long is not bad, in case of physical discomfort, remove the drinking, can be illnesses misfortunes, longevity. p whenever the festival, Quart
et villagers that flocked, monastery Koubai, retrieve the fairy springs, in order to year Ankang, so the folk, also known as the water saving. p in Bama County of Guangxi is located in the northwest, is the world famous longevity
village, has a unique longevity culture resources, longevity in Bama long green fairy mountain springs has a magical small molecules of water, it with unique magic like
into the life like penetration into the cell wall, take harmful substances in cells, promote blood circulation, enhance the body’s immune ability, can reduce blood viscosity, blood pressure and blood lipids of human body, created the life science and the science of life. and the achievement of such a magical phenomenon, it is the magnetic field of the lava of the long green. p since 2006, local enterprises Ba Ma Lilang Beverage Co., Ltd. began to pay attention to the local water quality and longevity of advantage resources exploitation and development, and become the Bama County local water industry leading enterprises, has achieved a lot of gratifying achievements. p for unique fairy spring water worship culture, Bama Li Lang, become Disposable e cigarette the outstanding representative of Hot E Cig kits highquality water Bama and only on display in the hall of the China Bama longevity Museum, E-CIG CHINA in 2011 to 2012, has won the Guangxi famous brand, Guangxi famous brand and the National Geographic Mark Protection products, the title. p this year offering water Festival, Bama Li Lang, as
activity undertaker, will by offering water festival folk tradition as a link, transporting Bama quality water to the nation, as the business card of Guangxi, to the world!