20140309 11:48 traffic became commonplace work is not difficult

20140309 11:48 traffic became commonplace work is not difficult, but the traffic became commonplace, this is a car after the feeling of life. since the scooter,
work and life more convenient, work is not difficult, but often encounter the trouble of traffic jam. In the past few days, west of the intersection and blocking the, because of the road, the original three lane road, come to a junction has become only one lane, so the rolling traffic to here can only slow down, an army fighting for a lane, not blocking the strange. Especially to work peak, is gridlocked, vehicle waiting in a queue, only to move slowly, sometimes a wall is the half of the day, it ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA is a test of patience. the cause of the congestion, one is due to the road, the two is due to the car, the three is due to the road network is E-CIGARETTE CHINA not perfect. To the west, for example, West, there are many schools and units, after a day of traffic flow, are large, but only a pearl West Street can pass city, many other roads are still broken road. Therefore, we cannot effectively divert traffic cause an army just go our way, so, the traffic jam has become the
common thing, even if these days not repair, but at its peak, there are still blocked. in order to avoid this situation, it is a pressing matter of the moment as soon as possible open broken road, west of the road network improvement. I suggest, one is opened as soon as possible, Xihuan Road, especially from the fig Mugen to Qinzhou University, according to the plan
is belongs to the length of Xihuan Road, but I do not know why until now there is no start construction; second is opened as soon as possible the wind road and new street along the line. The two planning road is an important part of the network in the west, wind road, a few years ago building almost, but only remains last short is unable to get through, to become worthy of the name of the broken road, can not play a role in
the Disposable e cigarette shunt is really don’t understand. Xinxing street
along the line only about a few hundred meters, if open, west of the congestion situation changed immediately, but and I do not know what reason, delays in construction, really is puzzling. perhaps, our city leaders in the eyes on the East, South, especially coastal city construction, more than 20 kilometers of sail Avenue along the line are repair, why West District a few hundred meters of the road repair barrier? Can’t imagine. don’t forget to the west, there are tens of thousands of people who work here, life ah, our urban construction should be peopleoriented, not only to consider the longterm development of the future, can also be concerned about the current people’s life. I know, my personal advice is insignificant, but I was willing to make a faint voice, hope the relevant departments of the leadership, people hear the voice of the as soon as possible to get through the broken road, west of the city to improve the road network, give people a convenient access, create a good living environment, it’s never too late to Mechanical Mod and RDA mend. it’s Hot E Cig kits not a difficult E-CIG CHINA job to work.