2014 China online banking transactions in the size of a hundred billion

2014 China online banking transactions in the size of a hundred billion, the size of the mobile banking transaction size to maintain rapid growth of Ai Rui consulting statistics show that in 2014 China’s online banking transaction size reached 1304.4 yuan, an increase of 40.2%, the growth rate increased significantly in 2013; mobile banking transactions reached 32.8 yuan, an increase of 157.1%. The large electronic bank customers have laid a solid foundation for the development of ecommerce market, the development of ecommerce and href= financial and other innovative services will become the main driving force of electronic banking transactions. banking industry chain is becoming more perfect, the value of the business platform service provider highlights p with the industry regulatory system was established and clear, supplier and product category rich, increase in bank business platform and service ability promotion, search, navigation, rebates, price and so on Browse access to the platform entrance acce
Womens Merrell Shoes Fuchsia Yellowss, development and expansion of the technical operations, warehousing, logistics, marketing, customer service and other professional business platform for service providers and service providers, China banking industry ecommerce industry chain is becoming more and more perfect. And due to the development of historical and strategic positioning and other
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-are-selling-wholesale-designs.html factors, compared with the traditional ecommerce, with 99 unlimited as the representative of the electricity supplier platform service providers in the banking industry in the value and status of the electricity supplier industry chain is more prominent. 99 unlimited business platform by embedding Chinese commercial banks App connection with the user, to provide new sales channels for businesses to provide users with a onestop, safe and reliable href= rel= nofollow. Thus, to help commercial banks to achieve rapid business, enhance user stickiness and value, increase business income. mobile, O2O and big data leading bank electricity suppliers big trend AI analysis, China’s banking sector in the future of ecommerce market will be as follows: trend, the rapid development of the banking market in the electricity market. First, intelligent terminal has been showing a low cost, performance is more and more powerful trend, users choose to more diversified; second, the network, the further opening of the 4G network will also greatly promote the improvement of wireless network environment; third, the operation of the electricity supplier in the electricity supplier service platform, marketing platform, user incentive platform ICS, logistics system, etc trend two, the use of cloud technology even

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