20110913 10:31 I knocked on the window I knocked on the window Mongolia fly Tian fun tour

20110913 10:31 I knocked on the window I knocked on the window Mongolia fly Tian fun tour. Such as Juanniaotoulin, to the old kapok, is the four night of mist, fireflies. br the amp; companion is several Wenyou, holidays at home stay not to live the kind of, catch a chance ran out, escape from the city and avoid noisy, hid less tree where the lung wash heart or in a daze Chongleng. This place is now increasingly less, too few people to write like feilengcui Shan Ju Xian Hua such a masterpiece. br. amp; the mountains as a guest of the beauty of Xu Zhimo said, you will never be hesitate to your clothing color and body; you may wish to sway with a head of fluffy grass, may wish to pamper your cheeks moss; you love to wear what is what to wear; dressed as a cowboy, disguised as a fisherman, a farmer, a hunter; you don’t have to worry finishing your bow tie. amp;
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Tape Gray Black Whitefortunately, is the old kapok, corner away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane world place, one can forget everything even forget self wonderful good. This is in the mountains, this is in the water, this is between the mountains and rivers. br the amp; Li Bai, a Book Letters the mountains Q amp; a in the lobby:
http://sjlgw.com/news/html/?2093.html more than asked what meaning habitat Bishan, laughed off the question from the busy heart; peach blossom water ran to and nonhuman world. In this poem, be just perfect. to come, stay in between the green mountains and rivers has finally been complacent than Xu Zhimo, and enjoy. br amp; laden winds and rain Detian waterfall drop in the return spring river, flowing through here into the tenderness of the girl and the old kapok where the peninsula surrounded by up. Old kapok is like the ground out of the old kapok tree, strong, stable, solid, make people want to rely on. He and Followmission kapok tree Xiangxie born, inherited the dew and flowers, insects and listen to the sound of the water. In his arms, such as home, there is no trace of such abrupt and confused. In and out of the window, light soft, warm sunny day from warm breath. br amp; hotel restaurant balcony, arbitrarily placed a chair of a few pieces of wood coffee table and a few straw woven, obviously is the small world of idle talk of tea. At will, to see the master’s happy heart. Meaning with the border turn, we also the vulgar, see themselves as a hick kid, easily tie into a pile of piled everywhere straw, how comfortable how, smell the smell of the grass, listen to the insects chirping, waiting for the moon

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