18:04 20150908 the Yellow River in the roar tour of Hukou Waterfall

18:04 20150908 the Yellow River in the roar tour of Hukou Waterfall, listen to the roar of the Yellow River. Since when did begin to know about the Hukou Waterfall? Can’t think of it, but it must be a long time ago; what words to describe the Hukou Waterfall? Spectacular, magnificent, majestic, grand? Darling, thundering waves, surf, Ten thousand steeds gallop.? Are not too! I hate their level is not high, not suitable, lied, appropriate language to describe, depicting the scene at Hukou Waterfall. that had to ask you to experience a lot, Hot E Cig kits feel a little. p once many times heard the song classic, popular, inspiring the Yellow River Cantata: wind roar, MA in the call, the Disposable e cigarette Yellow River in the roaring, the Yellow River in the roaring, West Hill lofty, East Hebei sorghum cooked, Qingsha Zhang, guerrilla athletes Cheng Yinghao. The passionate melodies, the appropriate lyrics, let every Chinese people, after hearing it, blood boiling, inspired by, but also witnessed the appeal of the
excellent music. However, the mind is not the scene of the roaring of the Yellow River. Until one day, to see the the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall picture, truly fe
el the the Mechanical Mod and RDA Yellow River in the roar of the rainbow momentum.
Perhaps, from that moment on, Hukou Waterfall, has been deeply in my heart. p in 1938, poet Guang Weiran in Dongdu Yellow River have seen yellow can roar, he wrote a popular word E-CIGARETTE CHINA of Yellow River, Xian Xinghai in composing. Have you
ever been to the Hukou waterfall? Is not known, but I think his heart must be full of patriotic passion, there must be a the Yellow River, otherwise, how can we create such ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA a successful, outstanding work? we arrived at Hukou Waterfall, is the sunset, but still crowded in front of the waterfall. We can hear the roar of the Yellow River from a distance. So he quickened his pace, and came to it with expectation. See, I see the muddy water of the Yellow River, Pentium, like army attack, like horses, surging forward with great momentum,
momentum rainbow, rushing, E-CIG CHINA as if to trying to break free of the shackles on both sides of the cliff, but he could not do, had no choice but to resentful and heart have not Gandhi falls from a height in the lower reaches of the rivers, deafening noise, roaring, struggle. The kind of momentum, it is to let the viewer moved. Hukou Waterfall is really spectacular. The surging river, Yixieqianli, unstoppable, like our Chinese nation when people engage in war, against Japanese aggression, perseverance, courage. No wonder everyone is willing to use the Yellow River to describe the integrity of the spirit of the Chinese nation, is really true! p standing beside the waterfall, surging water vapor, waves of thunder yunzhengxiawei, many drops of water blowing and, but we didn’t care, negative pleased to welcome up, fully feel Yellow River water cool, feel the Yellow River close. At this moment, what language to describe the spectacular the Yellow River are not