16:22 20150401 p p once upon a time

16:22 20150401 p p once upon a time, suddenly found Disposable e cigarette myself no longer passion, no longer childish, no fantasy, no longer curiously to opens the window to see the outside scenery, his heart condition is unexpectedly so fear, that of asphyxia. tonight, alone at home, stay idle, do not know how to think, how to remember? Just feel that all the peace of the day, the happiness in the moment to become so dull, so that no meaning, so that no support.After is willing to use all the time to accompany the family, physical exercise, living in the family. Chilly night, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA empty heart, do not know where the original soul, be most willing to unexpectedly cannot withstand a single blow. br tonight, I was finally able to write some text, perhaps I will be like a tree litter fall tree, had survived the winter will sprout a hint of green. Although I have become a blank, the slightest gratitude has make me happy. ; p above is here space a friend posted the text, the article is not long is E-CIGARETTE CHINA zizijuju into the medullary marrow, after watching for a long time to Hot E Cig kits heal. This article from the heart,
from life, has a deep and painful feeling. Repeatedly read several times, the wife will feel like home, the essays to the wife. The wife after watching the same feeling, there are a lot of feeling similar, say this is a great woman, who have their own thinking. With this passage, I discussed with my family for three days, the release of a lot of misunderstanding, the review of many previous mistakes. br the wife
say; women have their own home, most women, including her own, like the girlfriend like devoted himself heart and soul in the home, even even their own parents are not as good as this small home important. Such a fight to the death of the life, if the change is only a cold face, the
kind of feeling like a knife in the heart, a look at the cut. Careful layout of the room, the deployment of three meals a day, each other without asking a sentence, see also don’t see one eye, a bottom to sit comfortably to enjoy, let you feel you are being ignored what is not is a dog into the house you will Hu around a few hairs. A family quarrel not afraid afraid of trouble, but Mechanical Mod and RDA this is no exchange day. Men think that wages, not out of outside is a woman’s best love. Actually women to love their own people is not high, only you to her every day carefully with a little attention, even if it’s E-CIG CHINA just the hairpin on her head for the new comment on the two, she would happy one all day, women lack most is not the luxury of
external, just a little
bit from heart lover’s attention. The wife of meanders, let me out in a cold sweat, always thought that was a good man, didn’t think I in the eyes of his wife from the cold violence is only one step away. Again and again in the review to let wife, could not bear to hear, a sound drink off; you today is what’s the matter, played like chicken, hug embraced both not to live. Then