15:07 20150525 group members to study in Nandan ; correspondent: Wade Wei Shengning May 6th to 7

15:07 20150525 group members to study in Nandan ; correspondent: Wade Wei Shengning May 6th to 7, I was a member of the national culture and art teaching project team to study in Nandan. Wei Hongtong deputy director of five teachers, indepth Nandan in Lake Village, understanding, procurement, collection folk crafts, visit the national arts and crafts history, experience Nandan Lake simple folkway and folk custom. br amp; amp; amp; in Nandan Lake Central Primary School, they visit the school children’s palace, watched the students extracurricular activities of the live, to listen to the principal of the school Tan Yuxian is introduced in this paper: in Lake Township, rural school children’s palace was established in October 2013, to young students as the main service object, is ideal for young students out of school education, training, events, is children healthy and lively, the growth of happy inn. Children’s palace has a music room, dance room, painting room, calligraphy room, national musical instrument room, chess an
Kids Air Jordan 3 White Red Orange Grayd card room, and a variety of teaching, venues, are equipped with corresponding facilities and make full use of existing teaching venues, equipment, teachers and other education resources, according to local conditions to do a good job of coordination, all the activities of the school premises, equipment fully open to students free of charge. My school Hu Weihua and other teachers
http://www.zsakeas.cn/news/html/?3390.html also specialized in the primary school teacher asked the monkey drum beat method, will be back after the school dance club for rehearsal. br 7 No. morning, members of the project group visit Nandan arts and crafts masters Tan Xiuxian lady, in Tan Xiuxian Ms. the private museum to visit, study, will discuss the inheritance of ethnic culture and she is cooperation intention, Tan Xiuxian Ms. hand in hand to my school teachers teach embroidery techniques, from design, cut and paste, color, craft requirements, a little by little affinity for. Interesting is, in Tan Xiuxian lady home, Yaoliang teacher accidentally heard Yao grandmother while embroidery was humming with Yao teacher original song Dayaoshan hash, then Yao teacher collected a lot of folk music elements, for the next step in our school in the inheritance national culture good accumulation. br it is reported that our school is Guangxi Secondary Vocational School of national cultural and technical skills talent training base, in the national cultural heritage has achieved initial success: br 1. creating ethnic song and dance projects especially Original Song Zhuang, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Maonan, Mulao dance dance. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I school of fashion design and technology professional students making embroidery work Mawei Embroidered Brocade won the 2012 national vocational college students skills Works Exhibition of outstanding student skills work secondclass award.

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