:15:01 # Jiepan #

:15:01 # Jiepan #? Received: the market Wednesday by the negative impact of RMB, dikaidizou. Although the hot wheels, but the popularity of the problem, the final 1800 fell, the GEM stocks become the hardest hit. However, the daily face third days, band upward trend has not changed. The market has not risen much from the beginning of 3500, is still relatively low, do not have to panic, 5 day moving average
support. Recommend appropriate buy low sell high, or simply be held up! After the shock and then punch 4000! 0812 15:03?:14:57? # Jiepan #? Received: the market opened slightly higher on Tuesday, then sideways. The closing down, closing down. Yesterday rose 5%, today fell 0.5%, the overall is a normal adjustment, do not have to panic. Plate stock change in half, money effect Disposable e cigarette is still obvious. The smiling face, upward band unchanged, rebound trend has not changed. Is expected to wash basin, the market outlook will try to hit 4000 pressure! Market always in the development of hesitation. The 7 largest, followed by a hot, high throw bargain hunting! Opportunity is still greater than the risk. 0811 14:59?:15:03? # Jiepan #? Received: Mo
nday the market opened higher, Hot E Cig kits volume soared! The index at 5%, broad sector stocks, darling! Confirmed last week the blog view, stick to the bottom of the chip, the intermediate market will start, to meet the main wave, etc Last week to listen to the instruction of the full harvest of the warehouse. The daily smile, upward band. The secondary market started, do not frequent convertible. First goal 4500 above. The control
of heavily loaded, holding E-CIGARETTE CHINA up, let profits run! Enjoy the main wave. 0810 15:05?:14:59? # Jiepan #? Received: the market Thursday in bad homeopathic opened, then rebounded bottom. However, due to the trend of the disc is insufficient, the afternoon rush down. On the whole belongs to sideways, ups and downs co On the surface of automobile, smart grid Mechanical Mod and RDA and other hot stars active, the fire slowly liaoyuan. More confidence and patience. If the shortterm market exceeded 3800, while the daily will face, the rebound will accelerate. That patient holding up, the current position of the opportunities outweigh the risks, not blindly cut. 0806 15:01?:15:03? # Jiepan #? Received: Wednesday Dikaigaozou market in early trading, rose inertia, broad sector stocks. But then come down, still smiling face to line. Market confidence in the recovery needs a process, more patience. The shortterm oversold rebound is not over, today belongs to whipsaw nature, expected shortterm shocks will continue to rise. If you break through the 38003830 will be a smiling face, when the popularity will quickly resume. Recommended holding to rise, shortterm opportunities outweigh the risks. Don’t worry about personal gains and losses 0805 15:04?:14:59? # Jiepan #? Received rating: market opened higher Tuesday following a high, the
stock index futures rushed 7%, the GEM board rose across the board, the stock Pu rose. Confirms the blog point of view, C wave adjustment range is limited, the
opportunity to be born from panic, etc Last night’s good to E-CIG CHINA become a breakthrough. Is expected tomorrow will be a smile, means that the intermediate market will start. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Believe in this blog 6