14:53 20140904 beauty skin care the most common 15 errors

14:53 20140904 beauty skin care the most common 15 errors, ruined your good skin beauty
skin care tips micro signal: Lyf840567867 a poor three generations, waist ruined life. Face is not a disease, Tuicu to life. Want to change their own, from here to start good skin is determined by many factors, a born beauty good skin, highquality skin care products, skin care techniques such as ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA right. If you do not have the quality of the skin, then you need to use a good skin care products; if you do not have a good skin care products that you should at least have the right skin care method. If the minimum required for you to do, that is what the skin is not good. below, a small series of people together to see the most common beauty skin care and maintenance of the 15 errors! error: casual hand squeeze acne acne is completely good
time is 710 days, but also left scars, and if you Mechanical Mod and RDA do not care whether it, good time will be 23
days, if you squeeze, fingers on
the bacteria will enter into the acne, most likely to cause skin infections, inflammation, and make acne worse. Every time you want to touch the face of the hand, to find something else to do. Hot E Cig kits Stop using your hands for 3 weeks, and you’ll start to see the big change. error two: use a towel to wipe the skin
http://jiangtongqiche.cn/news/html/?465.html after washing the face with a towel gently wipe the skin better than dry water, especially if you’re sensitive skin. The E-CIGARETTE CHINA towel can cause irritation and friction, the friction for months and years will cause the skin to lose elasticity. Disposable e cigarette If you use a towel to wipe the skin of the eye, the black eye is more likely to form. another towel of choice is also very important, don’t choose and E-CIG CHINA towels as material, soft cotton towel on the skin less damage. Gently press the absorption of water, the extra attentive care, the skin will appreciate you. error three: with the makeup to many of the mm with makeup movement. This is not recommended, our body temperature with the increase of motion, pores will be slightly relaxed and big, even with waterproof makeup will still be Tuozhuang, then let you Huarong eclipsed. And, when the skin needs to breathe, and the mixture of cosmetics and sweat will hinder the expansion and cooling of the pores, resulting in the blockage of the skin, and thus forming spots, acne, acne and many skin problems. correct approach 1: first clean, and simply rub on the skin care products, will help the skin in the movement process more comfortable. Like a choice for their own skin of the makeup water can accelerate the absorption, but the fat emulsion class, you will fall off with sweat. positive