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11:27:40< a href http://gold.cnfol.com rel = "nofollow" > gold used concept although now gone against the tide of strong, but not worth reference, afternoon live room again. The editor deleted introduction industry news: 11 according to the Chinese government network news, general office of the State Council issued several opinions to further promote the tourism investment and consumption. Opinions put forward, the implementation of tourism infrastructure improvement plan, improve the tourism consumption environment; the implementation of tourism investment promotion plan, the new tourism consumption market; the implementation of tourism consumption promotion plan, foster new consumption hot spots, the implementation of rural tourism promotion plan, open up tourism consumption space; optimize the vacation arrangement, to stimulate tourism consumption demand; increase reform and innovation, promote tourism investment consumption continued to grow. Stocks involved: China CITS, Songcheng performing arts, Tempus international, CYTS, three Teso Road, UTour, easy food shares. For reference only. Edit delete 10:49:20 is not a big drop down, today is a "Rose relay" graphics. , edit, delete, introduction industry news: news, August 10, Ali and Su Ning also announced to open a comprehensive strategic cooperation, Ali will about 28.3 billion yuan investment strategy Su Ning, become the second largest shareholder; Suning will subscribe to 140 billion
Mens Lebron James Soldier 7 White Blackyuan does not exceed Ali 27.8 million shares of the newly issued shares, the two sides will open the line on the line to enhance the efficiency, for the Chinese and global consumers provide more perfect service business. Ali and Suning cooperation for the implementation of the national Internet + strategy, online and offline business comprehensive integration of a landmark event. Stocks involved:
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-air-max-australia-is-more-feminine-color-and-design.html Su Ningyun business, Bu Bugao, Yonghui supermarket, group, red chain. For reference only. Edit delete 10:35:24 this week only need to focus on a key point, that is 4184. Edit delete 10:23:46 continue to focus on the central enterprises reform, military aerospace stocks performance opportunities. Edit delete 10:07:31< p > [trend forecast] last week, the Shanghai that has come to the end of the triangle consolidation, and after nearly two weeks of straddle strangle long, today’s A-share finally to set up change, the overall trend basically as I expected. Mill is today with disk limit and today’s counterattack, and nearly a month since the oversold bounce, there are three major differences: 1. From the point of view, nearly a month since, as long as the market is soaring, limit the number to over a thousand, and today only a mere 300 branch, said the market has been restored calm, and thousands of strands of Qi board is not necessarily a good thing, this will accelerate the market panic mood; 2. Today two city clinch a deal, though still only ten thousand thousand billion, but compared with the last week has been a marked improvement, it can be said is the volume price Qi broken; 3, the rebound is not oversold bounce, but after more than a month after the end, initiated the attack. Look at the above three points, we have estimated that everyone has a bottom, then I give you a list of three strong bottom, we estimate that for this round of the spray market, there will not be any concern: 1, this is even breaking the three resistance, a

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