11:04 20140126 in the harmony tower under the fitness the Spring Festival is coming

11:04 20140126 in the harmony tower under the fitness the Spring Festival is coming, money, home ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA for the new year. But I think, compared to the money, but more importantly, we have a good body, otherwise, the money earned more, you can not enjoy. in recent years; more poverty, illness back to the poor. These are all the time to remind us: do not patronize the money, but also to take care of their body. So no matter how busy, we have to spare time to exercise, go to the gym, that is afraid to pay a certain cost, but we still bored. Because we are convinced that now spend money to buy health, that is, in order to spend less money to buy medicine, so, exercise has a price, health is priceless. p human life, must fall in love with one or several fitness project, the cheapest, of course, is the movement, although many of the sports are to spend Disposable e cigarette money, but compared to the cost of other
drink, sports expenditure or very little. And it is the most effective cost to pay and return. Investment health, happiness life. E-CIGARETTE CHINA p soon, the Chinese Football Association held the general election, Cai Zhenhua was elected as chairman of the Football Association,
I don’t know if he will be how to revitalize the Chinese football terminally ill. But I hope he can understand that the foundation of Chinese football lies in folk, in the national fitness. Hope countries to build more several golf courses, so that the free exercise, let every school has a good golf E-CIG CHINA course, let each community has plenty of places for exercise,
make urban and rural areas has good stadiums and Hot E Cig kits are open to the public free of charge, then, why should
we worry the level of Chinese football does not
improve? p is a step back in terms of, Mechanical Mod and RDA as long as the body of the National People’s health, sport and entertainment become a trend, and is an easy thing, then even if the level of Chinese football still low, what harm is there? However, I do not know how many years I wish to achieve. China is currently the most afraid of the prevalence of bureaucracy, do not do practical things. Xi said: empty talk, hard work and prosperous. But before that, we have to keep on exercising. every week of the game or to stick to it, and hope that more people fall in love with sports, love fitness. The Spring Festival is approaching, the fitness is more than, the harmony tower under the fitness.