10:43 20110822 beauty rider parade in Pingguo City

10:43 20110822 beauty rider parade in Pingguo City, the majority of colorful fireworks p rel = br beauty E-CIGARETTE CHINA rider excerpt rel = couples beauty rider parade Pingguo daduhui liters of colorful fireworks amp; amp; graphic: Abraham his couples amp; amp; amp;
20, see is a Hot E Cig kits good day, I heard a day have a lot of activities held. In the morning we went to Pingguo County in Pingguo daduhui garden project, marketing center, a model of the housing opening activities. Back in the E-CIG CHINA afternoon in Cheng Wang. Yi Taiwan in the starry night. The Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Construction of most of the Department’s opening ceremony has a characteristic very much, horse racing, girl rider cannon, open the door, colorful firewo
rks, dazzles very much oh. amp; amp; when gardens, marketing center, a model of the housing opening ceremony began, leadership speech, cut the ribbon and press the glass ball, fireworks bloomed the portion of the program, all of a sudden
leadership background behind the board slowly opened, turned out to be opened the metropolis gate, while from the inside raised the colorful fireworks, scene is very shocked and goodlooking, can be described as unique. We with the guests go in together, see is already built a European royal gardens, luxury marketing center and hardcover model. amp; amp;
European royal garden from San Marino square foot on the Spanish steps the moment, Italian romantic feelings can ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA be presented in front of us, according to the Hollywood movie Roman holiday scenes show one by one, Leavitt gate Mechanical Mod and RDA of the royal family, Princess fountain, four seasons goddess and Neptune sculpture fountain, vivid, with whole central garden ground detailed survey, parquet patterns of reference, Seiko
quality take in everything in a glance. Axial garden King palm array, tall, valiant and heroic, amp; 6 meters tall native species transplantation, other species Disposable e cigarette are also native trees transplant. luxury luxury marketing center with Baroque style unique.