10:32 20150724 hundreds of public service film tour started

10:32 20150724 hundreds of public service film tour started, open movie to provoke people love Wang Ji in in movie posters, Hongkong famous actor starring outdoor movie is very attractive local youth, inverse love into the community, hundreds of public interest film tour guide to start 7 on the evening of November 22, I heard that is located in high tech Zone Red Jiangshan District Square openair movie playback, hurriedly view, relive childhood feeling. That night playing is youth blockbuster inverse love, this movie is Guangxi Film Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi South Granville Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. joint shooting, framing all in Nanning, in return for the citizens in Nanning, held a hundred public film Community Patrol broadcast activities, each a film on both the front and the back draw oh. p night 7:30, film distance opening and an hour, the site is already rentouzandong, red Jiangshan area and nearby residents comes early to scramble, nearly 100 audience even far to cross the town came to the scene, see made by Guangxi local film com
Men Lebron James 10 Elite Red Grass Greenpanies to invest and framing Nanning local, mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan three star Luo Dahua, Li Tianxiang, Heidi, king, and Zhao Liang, Kangkai, Cao garden, a dozen actors co starred in the youth Biao tears drama. film the reverse and love is a film that pays attention to the youth growth on the road of rebellion and love. It is also a film
http://5zweb.com/news/html/?66734.html with important educational significance. The film says that that come from different families, different background five rebellious teenager, in not the same but reach the same goal by different routes of the growing pains, because of music, each bosom idea together. They named the band Na Zha, trying to find out the name of the false name, in order to find their own escape from the shackles, escape from the reality of exports. p however, in experienced fight injury, school punishment, family alienation, danger and even life lost all suffered after, they finally understand, all the rebellious, but is a deep desire for their own has long been the missing love, music has finally become a real dream in their heart. They decided to fight for the dream, and in this process to complete the self, the friendship, the family, the family’s full salvation. in the process of viewing, the audience was sincere, twists and turns of the story moved to tears. The film back and love to many of them and their families with similar warning, parents want to communicate with their children, take more time to accompany the child. youth theme education film inverse love by the Guangxi local film and television companies the Guangxi Film Group Co., Ltd., southwest of the joint film production Co., ltd During the period from August 2014 to October, the entire process in Nanning framing. Nanning City twentyeighth middle school, love farmers market, Jia Hecheng, Sheng world, Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, etc.

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