10:19 20141211 sixth

10:19 20141211 sixth, the 2014 Guangxi Sports Festival, the North Bay of the North Bay bicycle open is about to start Tu Wen 12 April 10 morning, the sixth of Guangxi Sports Festival water dynamic music Cup ring Beibu Gulf bicycle open press conference in Nanning held announced in 2014, the sixth of Guangxi Sports Festival water moving music Cup ring Beibu Gulf bicycle open
will be on December 20 to 21 in Nanning, Fangchenggang two horns start. p tournament organized by the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Fangchenggang City People’s government, Guangxi social sports development center, Fangchenggang City Council for Cultural Affairs and Nanning crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon outdoor consulting services Co., Ltd. Co host. Contractors on behalf of the Guangxi social sports development center, Wu Zonglang, deputy director of the meeting to the media reporters, representatives of the participating players informed of the preparations for the game. bicycle riding is one of the most popular sports of the people. In the 2008 Olympic Games, the first event of the first event of the Ring North Bay bicycle open, to this year has been held six sessions.
Six years ago, the North Bay of the North Bay bike for the E-CIGARETTE CHINA region’s love of environmental protection, low carbon life, love mountain bike enthusiasts to
provide a platform to participate in the event. p it is understood that the tournament divided into three groups of, namely: elite group of men, women’s groups of mixed, local man group, a total of 13 Bicycle Club 300 bicycle enthusiasts to participate E-CIG CHINA in the game
and compete for a total of up to 55500 tournament prize. Event is divided into two parts, in December 20th in Nanning City, Li Ning sports park to Nanning Wanda Mao to carry on the carnival activities, 21 days in the beautiful scenery of the Fangchenggang peninsula for the final race. At present, enroll in Nanning carnival ride tour riders 943, tournament organizers
has good security, to ensure the 943 team shunlitongda Wanda Mao square. Wu, deputy Hot E Cig kits director, said, through the carnival ride to create a fitness atmosphere, promote low carbon green life, promote bicycle sport, and through the game to the North Bay four cities connected, the use of the northern Gulf region to expand the impact of regional characteristics, the game will be created in the region of strong social cohesion and spiritual appeal of star event. this game for mountain road race, referred to as mountain. Macy Club 2 for six consecutive years are participating, the Six Dynasties yuan Lao Disposable e cigarette the BMX and mountain Marseille: crosscountry riding skills, the road races tend to place a greater emphasis on teamwork, inter team cooperation, which has become the road races, the biggest surprise, when rob a, when riding, tactical arrangements. Which section of Mechanical Mod and RDA the road from the ride, there is a division of labor. Both the speed of competition and the wisdom of the competition, very fun. is very interesting to see the mountain is worth looking forward to, if ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA you missed the event registration, no relationship, the morning of the 20 to ride your bike, with the big team, to a carnival. Wu, deputy director of Communications