00:11 20140608 I talk about 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay I talk about 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay people in I am in June 7

00:11 20140608 I talk about 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay I talk about 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay people in I am in June 7, 2014 at 11:30, I know the 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay. Is the daughter of Huang Xiaoying in the first time out of the examination room called to tell me. She said the test was sick Lao Wang material composition. Requirements according to the content of the text, choose the right point of view, to determine the conception, clear style, with the title, write an article of not less than 800 words. The text is: migrant workers Wang burst gastric perforation, was sent to the police. In order to treat this poor patient, opened green channel for him to do the surgery, and ten days of treatment. Although active boss sent 5000 yuan, Wang still owed 4000 yuan for medical expenses, and the acquiescence of he was out of the hospital. Wang had returned to the rehabilitation site: even if I work hard to repay the money, have to. I saved my boss and my boss. Can arrears or like a stone as pressure in his heart, eventually, Lao Wang has the courage to find , tell the mind to working in the debt. The hospital was deeply mov
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Tape Black Skyblue Pinked and hired him to accompany the inspector, Wang also particularly dedicated, as a former patient, he understood especially how to help his patients. I asked little English, this essay to write? She said very easily, because her father is ill in hospital, and Wang similar, are working in the site of migrant workers. Different is Lao Wang hospitalization is
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/women-aspire-to-some-of-the-best-nike-australia.html mostly boss to help out; and her dad have health insurance, own only a few, most of the medical insurance help reported to the. Yes, the Pharaoh sick encountered a good boss, if encounter black heart boss, not to mention the help of hospitalization fee, not fried squid you even burn incense. View, 2014 Guangxi college entrance essay is grounded, to promote positive energy at the same time, inadvertently revealing the status of many of the migrant workers, the doctor lack necessary protection, the legitimate rights and interests of the migrant workers to be maintained, but this should be of great importance to. Migrant workers are not likely to encounter good boss, can rely on a good boss, legislation should be to improve the legitimate rights and interests of the protection of migrant workers, to do after the event no matter what kind of boss can live with dignity, can afford their disease. Xiaoying the college entrance examination is determined to win, in addition to the small English its own efforts, her father Huang also for the small English made a lot of homework. This year the Dragon Boat Festival, Huang and his wife in previous years has changed to buy dumplings habits, but to spend time to the farmers market to buy bamboo leaves of mung bean pork and so on their own zongzi, and a lot, every day to eat zongzi, from the Dragon Boat Festival to eat until the end of the entrance. The implied meaning is selfevident, with simple feelings, that is taking the zongzi homophonic have passed the examination. Take a good sign, the figure is too big auspicious, looking forward to her daughter can be admitted to the University

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